A green paradise holding many iconic landmarks, gastronomic delights and shopping avenues in its folds, Singapore is undoubtedly one of the most fascination Southeast Asian destinations. The Land of the Merlion, off the southern Malaysian coast, is a futuristic urban centre abounding in rich experiences at every step of the way. However, unless you are invested in careful trip planning, exploring Singapore can burn quite the hole in your pocket. Take these 10 Singapore travel tips into consideration, whether you are planning a brief stop-over or an elaborate holiday, to make the most of the experience:

Singapore Travel Tips for Planning Your Trip

Pack for the Weather

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The tropic climate of the place means the weather conditions are humid and hot all year round, with average temperatures in the range of 26-34 degrees Celsius. High levels of humidity result in excessive perspiration outdoors, so it is important to pack light, comfortable clothes for your trip or you risk ending up being a frazzled mess on your trip. Another vital Singapore travel tip is to keep a rain jacket on you at all time and wear water-friendly shoes, as it can start pouring heavily without warning.

Get Your Visa Process Rolling In Time

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Singapore does not grant visa on arrival to Indians, except for passengers in transit and that too is subject to the discretion of the authorities, so getting your visa application rolling well in time is one of the most crucial Singapore travel tips to make that trip happen. As long as you submit your tourist visa application at least a month prior to the date of travel, you should be fine. You’d need to submit flight tickets and accommodation details with the visa application, so start with the trip planning accordingly so that you don’t end up making last minute bookings are premium prices.

Let the Itinerary Govern Your Accommodation Choice

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The most valuable Singapore travel tip we have for you is to choose your accommodation as per your travel itinerary. Whether you decide to stay in a hotel, resort or an AirBnB, pick one in close vicinity of all the key attractions. That way you won’t spend a lot of money or time on the commute. Singapore isn’t a very big country and a majority of tourist attractions are located in Sentosa or surrounding islands, so those are the areas you should look at for exploring your accommodation options.

Plan Your Itinerary and Book Tickets Online

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Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay, Night Safari, Singapore Flyer, Universal Studios, Singapore Zoo, Chinatown, Madam Tussauds, the cable car, Helix Bridge are some of the top attractions you’d like to check out on your trip. Even if you are going for the whole off-beat vacation vibe, you may still want to visit at least a few of these tourist draw cards. It is best to do some research and plan your itinerary ahead of the trip so that you can efficiently slot places in close proximity together and make optimum use of your sight-seeing outings without making it too hectic.

One Singapore travel tip you’ll be thankful for is to purchase entry tickets for all these places of tourist interest online in advance. These attractions draw hordes of tourists every single day, and you’ll end up wasting hours stuck in serpentine queues at the ticket counters otherwise.

Sign Up for Travel Insurance

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Petty street crimes such as pickpocketing and thefts are not completely unheard of in Singapore and tourists always make for easy targets. From losing your wallet to misplacing your luggage, there are a number of things that could go wrong on your trip. Sign up for travel insurance for a truly carefree holiday experience.

Singapore Travel Tips for Pulling Off a Kickass Trip

Rely on Public Transport

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The Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) in Singapore is God sent for travellers, especially if you consider how outrageously overprices cab rides can be. The public transportation network offers connectivity to every part of the country and we recommend you make good use of it during your time in Singapore. One useful Singapore travel tip to remember is getting a tourist pass to access the public transport system. This pass available for SGD 10 for a day, SGD 16 for two days and SGD 20 for three allows you unlimited travel across the length and breadth of the city. Even with this well-networked public transport system, you may need to take a cab on occasion. For that, download the Grab app – Singapore’s own Uber – to get around with ease.

Relish the Cuisine

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Singapore boasts of a cuisine unique to the land, and you don’t have to seek a fine dining experience to get a taste of Singapore’s authentic food. On the contrary, eating like the locals is the best way to give your taste buds an unforgettable yet affordable treat. Look out for hawkers and food centres in destinations like Marina Bay and China Town for a satisfying gastronomic indulgence. Chilli Crab, Chicken Rice and Laksa are some of the top delicacies to try.

Be an Early Bird for Your Gardens by the Bay Visit

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Since it is one of the top tourist attractions of the city, Gardens by the Bay can get quite crowded and busy. One of the wisest Singapore travel tips would be to beat the crowds by planning your visit early in the morning. The Cloud Forest and Flower Dome open at 9 am, so you should aim to get there at least 15 minutes prior so that you are one of the first people to get in. The Supertree Grove and the Garden open as early as 5 am, so you can actually make it an early morning tryst with nature and finish exploring the upper walkways before the crowds begin teeming in.

Make Good Use of Happy Hours

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Alcohol is steeply priced in Singapore. You may end up paying SGD 22 (INR 1,124) for a cocktail while a humble beer can cost you SGD 10 (INR 511). If you prefer spending your holidays in high spirits, make good use of the happy hour, which is roughly between 5 and 9 pm in most bars across the city.

Buy a Reusable Water Bottle

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The tap water in Singapore is perfectly fit for consumption, so you don’t need to spend on bottled water. Keep a reusable bottle handy during your explorations and fill it up whenever you get the chance because you’ll need to drink lots of water to stay hydrated in all that heat and humidity.

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