Wildlife safaris are not for the weak hearted. Watching some of the most exotic wilds on the loose can be a hair-raising experience in itself. Now imagine if one of these wild predators decides to pay you a visit during your safari ride? The proximity itself can send your heart pounding in your chest or cause it stop beating altogether.
That’s exactly what some safari-goes at Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park experienced, and fortunately, managed to escape the situation unscathed. The video that shows American tourist Britton Hayes sitting just inches away from the curious wild visitor is going viral and giving viewers the shudders.

How the Cheetah Jumped on a Tourist Jeep

It so happened that Hayes, along with some fellow travellers, was watching three cheetahs during the tour of Serengeti, when one of the big cats hopped on the bonnet of their vehicle. The group was curiously looking on at this unexpected turn of event, when a second one decided to invite itself inside the jeep. The video shows the Cheetah curiously exploring the back of the vehicle, sniffing all over, just a few inches away from Hayes. The tour guide instructed the tourists to keep calm and avoid all eye contact with the animal. It is not hard to imagine how difficult following those instructions must have been in an alarming situation, but the tourists managed to pull it off.
The Cheetah decided to get off the vehicle after nibbling and clawing at the head rest of one of the empty seats in the rear. Hayes’ terror-stricken face in the video, shot by Peter Heistein who was also onboard the vehicle, conveys the intensity of the situation better than words can. Watch it here:


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