If you are looking for best jackets for travelers or global travel jackets to improve travel experience you must understand the need. There are quite a few essentials that you need to keep handy while travelling. Keys, phone, cash and cards, tickets, passport (if travelling abroad), water bottle, may be a light snack, to name a few. And if you happen to be travelling with a kid in tow, the number of items you need handy could well fill up several supermarket aisles. Put them all in a large tote bag, and the one thing that you are looking for will mysteriously disappear, triggering some frenzied rummaging through. Besides, carrying a handbag that constantly weighs down your shoulders while managing the rest of your luggage can be downright exhausting.

Thankfully, we now have something known as travel jackets that come with oodles of storage space to put us out of our misery. My desperation for an accessory that would offer the freedom to travel hands-free led me to chance upon these amazingly functional pieces of clothing. Here are my top picks of travel jackets that belong in the wardrobe of everyone bitten by the travel bug:

Global Travel Jackets

Global Travel Jackets

The travel jackets by Global Travel are loaded with an interesting mishmash of perfectly placed pockets. From your smartphone to tablet, sunglasses, cards, and even your water bottle, there is designated space for just about everything you’d need while travelling. The best part is that all pockets are fully enclosed, so you don’t have to worry about things falling off. They have even managed to sneak in a few hidden pockets that just perfect for keeping your personal stuff, in addition to including some cool features like in-built eye mask and hand warmer. Ideal for the quintessential traveller, parents with young kids, and gadgets geeks.

Price: $89 onward


Scott travel jackets

They started manufacturing travel jackets with a view to fill in the gap between the dynamics of apparel design and changing customer requirements, and put in some serious pocket science to develop a engineer a piece of clothing that housed as many as 42 pockets. Yes, 42! Another cool thing about SCOTTeVEST is that they have ditched the one-size-fits-all approach in favour of versatility of design. So, you have the option to choose from vests, fleece jackets, OTG (Off the grid) jackets, penny coats, trench coats and more. All of these can fit in just about anything, from your smartphone and chargers to portable cameras and batteries, documents, keys, wallet, and more.

Price: $75 onward

Eddie Bauer Women’s Atlas II Jacket

Atlas travel jacket

This is perfect for those who need a one-stop solution for different travel requirements. If you are looking for a travel jacket that not only has lots of room on it but also adapts to the changing climatic conditions in different geographical locations, look no further. This Eddie Bauer jacket made from weather-resistant, breathable materials, will keep you comfortable whether you are travelling to South America or Europe. And of course, it has enough pocket space for all your must-haves.

Price: $129 onward

BauBax Jacket

Baubax travel jackets

If I had to pick a favourite from this list, it’d without doubt be this ultimate travel jacket from BauBax. This no-fuss jacket comes loaded with 15 amazing travel-friendly features. There is a dedicated pocket for each one of your essentials such as phone, passport, tablet, sunglasses, water bottle and so on, beside a few secret pockets on the inside. There is even a pocket where you can fit in a blanket! What makes this jacket stand out is the inclusion of some uber cool features such as earphone holder on the collar, an inflatable neck pillow in the hoodie, in-built eye mask and gloves, a separate hand-warming pocket, and a zipper pen that can double as a stylus. This is pretty much a wearable carry-on bag.

Price: $159 onward

Aye Gear Jacket

Aye Gear Travel Jackets

These special travel jackets made in Scotland come with the ‘Take Everything. Everywhere’ tagline and deliver on that promise one hundred percent. X-ray vision enabled, these jackets are designed to make travel swift and hassle-free by allowing you to get past security clearance quickly. The secure, deep pockets on the Aye Gear jackets are a great way to cut down on your baggage weight and protect your valuables against loss or theft. The Aye Gear travel wear is also available in different variants – jackets, travel vests, and hoodies. They also have a travel-friendly five pocket t-shirts to take care of your travel needs during summer time.

Price: $145 onward

Most of these jackets are manufactured by foreign brands and primarily marketed in US and Europe. However, you can purchase them online through portals like the Amazon global store.


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