Fascination to explore new places eventually gives way to a yearning to reach foreign shores and experience not just breathtaking locales but also a whole new way of life. Once you take that leap, there is no looking back. The stamps on your passport are proof. The excruciating Indian summer is just the perfect motivation to pack your bags and leave. Think summer time holidays, and Europe with all its breathtaking cities and countryside pops up as the most natural choice. While Europe is undoubtedly splendid and therapeutic at the same time, there is a whole world beyond it waiting to be explored. Expand the scope of your holiday with these great international destinations this summer:

São Paulo

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This vibrant financial hub of Brazil happens to be the tenth largest city in the world. It may seem intimidating, enormous at first, like any other metropolis in the world, but as you explore the layers, you’ll discover in its nooks and crannies a cultural extravaganza quite unlike any other. From impressive museums with classic European art collections and Modernist architecture to satisfying spa retreats, palm-dotted resorts on the outskirts, innumerable experimental theatres and art-house cinemas, gourmet restaurants and modern bistros, and eclectic mix of bars and 24/7 clubs, the relentless pulse of the city will set you up for some real unwinding.


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A land of rustic adventures, staggering natural beauty, an intriguing culture with a mix of megacities and tribal villages, Vietnam makes for a compelling and exotic destination. Brace yourself for the overabundance of unforgettable experiences. Be it gazing at the surreal expanse of limestone islands at the old Halong Bay, the maddening traffic of Hanoi, the most unique cave structures at the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, the old town and emerald sea water, the absolutely mind blowing cuisine loaded with complex flavours and outstanding diversity, the myriad massage salons and spas and adventure activities like kitesurfing in the ocean and motorbike switchback rides in the hills, Vietnam will bowl you over with all that it has to offer.


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This South American country is a destination bustling with a rich heritage and age-old traditions. Throw in the mix serene streams caressing the base of towering peaks and strenuous treks giving way to the most breath-taking views, and you know you are in for an experience of a lifetime. The stark geographical contrasts of this place, what with high mountains, vast deserts and the famed Amazon forest, make it an exciting place to discover. Varied terrains also mean a diverse culinary scene that’s unique it its own right – think picaornes and cerbiches. Early June are ideal time to visit as it marks the beginning of dry season in Peru, which means you’ll get there before the big rush of travellers starts streaming in.


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A small land-locked country in southeastern Africa that is named after the famous Lake Malawi, the place is a treat for travellers both for its landscape and warm people. Of course, the highlight of this destination is the enormous natural wonder, Lake Malawi, well-known for its expansive stretch of clear blue waters and rich aquatic life that includes some fish species such as tilapia and chambo that are not found anywhere else in the world. The rich wildlife comprising zebras, hippos, buffalos, antelopes and leopards that can be witnessed up close at the nine wildlife reserves and national parks and topographical marvels like the Mount Moulanje are just some of the many wondrous offerings of Malawi.


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Flanked by spectacular harbours and beaches and the opulent Opera House at its heart, Sydney offers a visual appeal few cities can match. The national parks dotting the city’s periphery and penetrating inwards, rugged Pacific coastline, gourmet food, firework display, glitzy shopping streets and equally dazzling party destinations, Sydney is a city with character and flamboyance. Whether you are an artist, foodie or a reveller at heart, this place has enough to keep you on your toes yet leave you wanting for more. Summer is the ideal time to visit because it’s their autumn and the holiday season is still afar. The natives are busy with their daily grind and the flock of tourists hasn’t descended on the city yet. This means you can avoid the crowds and soak up Sydney’s unique character at an unhurried pace. There are a lot of cultural activities lined up during this time, right from art exhibits to rock concerts and ideas festival, that can add an extra dimension to your explorations.


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