Girl gang pub crawl are growing because as girls we have all been sick of having to deal with clueless boys talking who just don’t know how to take a hint and somehow always manage to say the wrong thing at the wrong time. But oh, well, this just makes us realize just how special our bond with our girlfriends is and makes us feel a strong urge to reconnect and party with our girl gang and rejoice in the fact that we do not need boys to have the best night ever. If you’re looking to do just that, scroll down to find the best places in Pune where you can have the time of your life your lady BFFs.


Pune-Pub-Crawl_Swig5 places for a Pub Crawl with your Girl Gang
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Swig is the place to be if you’re looking for a relaxed night out with your girl gang especially if you and your girls enjoy good music, and think the quality of music can absolutely make or ruin your night. Swig has a chilled out ambience and a generally happy vibe, decently priced liquor and food, good crowd, and great live music or a great playlist (more often than not). The place gets unusually crowded on weekends, and so, a table reservation is highly recommended. It’s the perfect place to head to if your plan is to be buzzed enough to enjoy the music and sway to some tunes.


Pune-Pub-Crawl_Mix5 places for a Pub Crawl with your Girl Gang
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With loud and flashy interiors, blue and pink lights, and booming music, Mix screams “let’s party like crazy!”. Mix always has dance-till-you-drop kinda music on and is a late night place open till 2 am. Perfect for your rave girls’ night out! The only possible drawback about Mix is the steep food and alcohol prices. This is where good ol’ High Spirits comes to mind. You get the best of both worlds when you first spend a while at High, well getting high, and then move on to Mix to dance your butt off and end the night (or not?) on a good note.

Effingut Brewerktz

Pune-Pub-Crawl_Effingut-Brewerktz5 places for a Pub Crawl with your Girl Gang
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Located in KP, Baner and now also in Kharadi, this is hands down one of my favourite places to go to in Pune. One of the best parts about this place is that they brew their own beer and give you different types of beers to try which is a great experience for any beer enthusiast. The food is finger licking good and the menu has plenty of variety. The prices are slightly on the higher side but the great booze, food, music and ambience definitely make up for it. This is the place you should go to if you want to have some great food, groove to some old school music and get the perfect beer high with your fellow beer loving gals. Oh and, they have ladies night EVERY THURSDAY.

The Hidden Place

Pune-Pub-Crawl_The-Hidden-Place5 places for a Pub Crawl with your Girl Gang
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A hidden gem, this place is suited to satisfy the seasonal and low key alcoholic in you and your girl gang. Known for its comparatively cheap alcohol and the best happy hours (12pm to 8 pm buy one get one free) and decent food, this small coven has the potential to be a regular hangout spot for you and your girls, where you can unwind, bond and occasionally, get wasted together.

House of Medici

Pune-Pub-Crawl_House-of-Medici5 places for a Pub Crawl with your Girl Gang
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The alcohol menu at this place is 19 pages long! Need I say more? Their special mixology drinks (for example: cinnamon and orange infused rum, vanilla and maple…yum!) are definitely worth a try if you’re willing to loosen your pockets a lot more than usual. If not, then you can definitely pre booze and come to this place to enjoy the great music, the ample dance floor and the posh club ambience. This place is especially great if you’re a Bollywood fanatic and love to get moving to some desi beats.
So what are you waiting for? Gather up your girl gang, pick your hottest ensemble and your darkest lipstick and get ready to let your hair loose and party like it’s the end of the world!


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