Our eating habits have well moved beyond family recipes and native cuisines. In this age of social media, fad diets, food trends and superfoods have a found their way into our lives like never before. And they keep changing with the turn of the calendar, year after year. So, just when you get used to your almond milk and exotic teas, you are told to chuck them for poke bowl and plant-based protein. This year is going to be no different. Food trends of 2019 are already creating a buzz. Earlier this month, Business Insider published a list of food trend of 2019 that will determine the way we eat released by Whole Foods. We bring you seven top such food trends of 2019:

Flavours from around the Pacific

food-trends-of-2019_pacific-rimThese 7 Food Trends of 2019 Will Determine the Way We Eat
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South American cuisine was all the rage last year. This year, the frenzy surrounding exotic flavours seems to have spread to include the ones from Oceania and Asia as well. Foods made with dragon fruit, check guava, cuttlefish, dried shrimp and shrimp paste will emerge as a major food trend of 2019.

Frozen Treat with a Twist

food-trends-of-2019_frozen-snacksThese 7 Food Trends of 2019 Will Determine the Way We Eat
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Frozen treats, be it ice-creams or yoghurts, have longed ruled the hearts of food lovers. This impending food trend of 2019 may change that for good, as frozen treats with a twist are fast gaining ground. Leading ice-cream brands are expected to roll out off-beat frozen treats such as Taiwanese snow ice, frozen cheese swirls and Mexican nieves de garrafa.

Faux Meat

food-trends-of-2019_faux-meatThese 7 Food Trends of 2019 Will Determine the Way We Eat
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This food trend of 2019 is essentially an extension of the plant-based protein trend of 2018. While last year you had more and more people leaning toward plant-based protein in a bid to break away from meat and take their taste palates on an adventure ride with umami flavour infused meals and snacks, this year the grocery store aisles are expected to be flooded with faux bacon and vegetable jerkies.

Marine Foods

food-trends-of-2019_marine-foodsThese 7 Food Trends of 2019 Will Determine the Way We Eat
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Seaweed is one food trend that has held its ground firmly, year after year. It seeped into the mainstream food scene around the world last year and if food trends of 2019 are any indication products like seaweed butter are all set to cement their place in our dietary world. The craze for marine foods won’t stop at seaweed alone. This year marine foods like kelp noodles are expected to start another grand trend.

Gourmet Snacks

food-trends-of-2019_gourmet-snacksThese 7 Food Trends of 2019 Will Determine the Way We Eat
Image Source: Prosciutto di Parma

If your idea of snacking involved eating wafers from a bag or at best flatbreads with dips, this food trend of 2019 will shake things up in your paradise quite a bit. Devised to suit the needs of people following the keto diet, gourmet snacks will set the bar high for snack board with preparations such as prosciutto, cheese boards and classic snacks served with a keto twist.

Fat Bombs

food-trends-of-2019_fat-bombsThese 7 Food Trends of 2019 Will Determine the Way We Eat
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Thanks to fad diets like keto, paleo, vegan and pegan (paleo combined with vegan), more people are revisiting the idea of good and bad fats instead of cutting out fat from their diet completely. This growing acceptance of good fat has led to the creation of fat bombs – one of the most innovative food trends of 2019. So, you have chocolates filled with coconut butter, nutrition bars made with MCT oil powder and butter coffees bursting on the food scene.

Probiotics, Probiotics, Probiotics

food-trends-of-2019_probioticsThese 7 Food Trends of 2019 Will Determine the Way We Eat
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Gut-friendly foods or probiotics have been soaring in their popularity for a while now. Thanks to this probiotics frenzy, various pickled foods such as fermented kimchi have found their way to our dining tables and food menus in a big way. The food trends of 2019 indicate that not just the wellness industry but beauty and cleaning brands are expected to use this trend to their advantage. From your salad to your face cream, detergents and sprays, everything will come probiotics-infused in 2019.

Which one these food trends of 2019 are you ready to embrace? And which do you find overrated? Let us know in the comments.


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