A city-state, an island, a melting pot of cultures, a futuristic urban centre…Singapore is truly unique in ways more than one. This diversity has resulted in an indigenous cuisine carrying a delicious blend of Malay, Chinese and Indian influences. Singapore is also undeniably a nation of food lovers. Animated discussions about delicacies, must-try foods and best places to try different popular dishes can be overheard in every nook and cranny. Street food vendors, hawkers, eateries lining up almost every neighbourhood are a common sight too. All of this points to one thing – Singapore is truly a foodie’s heaven. Get a taste of this heaven with these 7 exotic Singapore foods to try on your trip to the Lion City:

Curry Puffs

singapore foods to try_curry-puff
Image Source: Singapore Stuff

A flaky, crispy curry puff is a popular snack in this land. A melt-in-your-mouth pastry shell containing curried potatoes and chicken makes for a flavourful ride and should be right up your alley of Singapore foods to try. Given the popularity of Curry Puffs, several outlets have started experimenting with a different combination of ingredients and you can find interesting twists to the classic chicken and potatoes Curry Puffs, including some vegetarian options.

Chilli Crab

singapore foods to try_Chilli-Crab
Image Source: Singapore Chilli Crab

Chilli Crab is another distinctive authentic Singaporean preparation to keep on your radar. A mud crab soaked in a sauce made from rich tomatoes and chilli served in the shell with a side of Chinese steamed buns called mantou. If you enjoy seafood, do add the Chilli Crab to your quest of Singapore foods to try. The addictive gravy, the delicious crab and soft buns make for an unputdownable combination.

Hainanese Chicken Rice

singapore foods to try_Hainanese Chicken Rice
Image Source: Nyonya Cooking

What would be a more appropriate Singapore food to try than the national dish of the land! And that’s Hainanese chicken rice. Simple, fragrant and full of flavour, this dish comprises a succulent chicken served on a bed of rice and with some spicy chilli sauce on the side. Your trip isn’t complete without sampling this delicacy at least once.

Kaya Toast, Kopi and Soft Boiled Eggs

singapore foods to try_breakfast
Image Source: Burpple

The staple breakfast of the land definitely makes the cut as one of the top Singapore foods to try. This quintessential Singaporean preparation consists of an assortment of a sweet coconut-based jam called Kaya to be slathered over toasted bread and consumed with soft-boiled runny eggs and washed down with a cup of steaming Kopi (the Hokkien word for coffee).

Char Kway Teow

singapore foods to try_Char Kway Teow
Image Source: Miss Tam Chiak

Char Kway Teow is an extravagant combination of noodles, Chinese sausage, egg, bean sprouts and cockles. Even though it isn’t the healthiest food you can eat, it is definitely a top Singapore food to try at least once given its popularity among the locals as comfort food.

Nasi Lemak

Singapore food to try_Nasi Lemak
Image Source: Adam’s Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak made by soaking rice in coconut milk and then cooking it in a layer of Pandan leaves and served with boiled egg, anchovies, peanuts, and rending, sambal fish or fried chicken is the national dish of Malaysia that’s immensely popular in Singapore too. Give this unique breakfast a chance and discover a whole new indulgent way to start your day.


singapore foods to try_Laksa
Image Source: YouTube

This famous Peranakan dish must definitely feature on your bucket list of Singapore foods to try for its sheer richness and versatility of taste. Laksa combines rice noodles with prawns, fish or chicken in either sour asam or a spicy coconut milk base, making for a unique burst of flavours.

Food choices for vegetarians are rather limited in Singapore. You can always find a few Indian restaurants that serve vegetarian food and find comfort in the familiar preparation from the homeland.


The author is a former journalist, an expat in Germany and a lover of the English language.

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