Getting on a plane to explore the world beyond the place you call home is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. Sometimes the cushiness of our comfort zones and more pressing demands of our personal and professional lives blur the desire to travel out of focus. I, for instance, have been yearning to embark on a solo trip for a few years now but not having the heart to leave my little one behind just makes me put off the plan for another day.
For each of you who can relate to this feeling of wanting to go and finding reasons not to, here are some travel-themed accessories to surround yourself with and stoke that wanderlust like never before:

Scratch Map

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Image Source: Souq

It is a world map covered with a shiny foil layer. The rule is that you scratch off everything destination you’ve been to and create a visual record of your escapades. Hang it on a wall and it becomes a constant reminder of all memorable times spent around the globe and also a motivation to get that foil off every destination on your bucket list.

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Keepsakes Box

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We all tend to bring back souvenirs and keepsakes from out trips. Bring home a giant Keepsakes Box to store all the little knick-knacks you have gathered from your trips in the past. As you rummage through them and relive those splendid memories, you’d be enticed to go down that road all over again.

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Travel Guidebooks

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Image Source: Lonely Planet

I don’t mean your regular travel guides that can be bought from a road-side kiosk. Apart from inspiring travellers with amazing photo features and travel stories, Lonely Planet has also been publishing unique guidebooks. There are a ton of options to choose from. In fact, they even have ‘Travel Inspiration’ as a dedicated category, but my absolute favourite is their Ultimate Travel Coloring Book. As you spend a lazy Sunday afternoon colouring illustrations dedicated to 100 most desirable places on Earth, along with a description of each, you are sure to be overcome by massive wanderlust.

Travel-Themed Calendar

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Image Source: Pinterest

Buy one or get it customised as per your own travel bucket list. A different destination for every month, that’s 365 days of pure motivation. Rest assured you’ll have ticked many places on your list by the time the year ends.

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Image Source: Pinterest

There is a whole line of travel-inspired jewellery out there. From pendants to rings, earrings and anklets in shape of world maps, compasses, globes or inspirational travel quotes, you name it and you’ve got it. For all you girls, my recommendation is a world-map necklace in dull gold or silver hues. It makes an elegant accessory and is a constant source of inspiration dangling by your neck. And for men, minimalistic finger bands engraved with the word ‘Wanderlust’ are absolutely on point.

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Personalised Sign Boards

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Image Source: Etsy

Build your own version of a typical road direction signs by pinning names of the places you have visited on it. Placed in your living room, work desk or front yard, it won’t just reminds you to revisit your travel plans more often but will also serves as a great conversation piece.

Smartphone/Laptop Covers

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Image Source: aliexpress

Smartphone and laptop covers are accessories that most of us use. Jazz them up with photos of picturesque locales or some spunky travel quotes and turn these humble covers into a constant source of motivation.

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A journalist by profession, a freelance writer by choice. When not writing, she likes to spend her time in company of books and food or hitting the road to explore new places, besides juggling roles as an army wife and mommy.

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