No matter how exciting the prospect of exploring new destinations feels, every traveller feels weary of air travel, especially when hopping on a long-haul flight. The crammed up seats, long hours of sitting in one place and vapid airline meals can leave you physically and mentally drained out. Packing a carry-on bag that contains every conceivable item you may need to stay comfortable during such journeys is a skill to be perfected over time. To get you started, here is a list of carry on essentials for flights to make you feel as at home as possible:

Water Bottle

carry-on-essentials-for-flights_collapsible-bottle9 Carry On Essentials for Flights to Make Travel Less Uncomfortable

Staying hydrated during flights is essential and the airline crew is often stingy when it comes to serving water unless you are buying packaged bottles at a premium price. This makes a water bottle an absolute must carry on essential for flights. If the airport security policy does not permit carrying liquid beyond a certain permissible limit, you can always carry an empty bottle and fill it up from drinking water dispensers in the airport lounge. If you are low on space or don’t want to add extra weight to your carry-on baggage, a collapsible bottle can be the perfect alternative. You can fill it up right before boarding and scrunch it up right before you de-board.

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Travel Pillow

carry-on-essentials-for-flights_travel-pillow9 Carry On Essentials for Flights to Make Travel Less Uncomfortable

You cannot miss adding a travel pillow to your carry on essentials for flights or you risk ending up with a strained, cramped neck, which can be quite the dampener for your holiday mood. In addition to the conventional travel pillows with a U shape, there are a lot of fancy variants available today, right from comfortable fleece pillows that can double as a scarf to keep you cosy and wrap-around pillows that work like a sling around the neck.

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Notebook and Pen

carry-on-essentials-for-flights_notebbok-and-pen9 Carry On Essentials for Flights to Make Travel Less Uncomfortable

A lot of great ideas occur to you when you are sitting idle and may vanish like they never existed when you try to revisit them later. Plane journeys can offer the perfect breeding ground to dwell on such fleeting ideas or record them for later use. So, a notebook and a pen is one carry on essential for flights that you should never leave out, even if it seems redundant when you are evaluating the usability of items with baggage weight concerns on your mind.

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Eye Mask

carry-on-essentials-for-flights_eye-mask9 Carry On Essentials for Flights to Make Travel Less Uncomfortable

As any frequent flyer will tell you, eye masks are a carry on essential for long-haul flights that you absolutely cannot do without, not if you want to stay snug and comfortable. What if you end up in the middle seat and the person at the window seat refuses to pull the shutters down. You don’t want to be woken up by sunrays gleaming into your eyes right at the crack of dawn. Or what if your co-passenger wants to pull an all-nighter reading? An eye mask can bail you out of such uncomfortable situations without the need for awkward requests and denials.

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Compression Socks

carry-on-essentials-for-flights_compression-socks9 Carry On Essentials for Flights to Make Travel Less Uncomfortable

Sitting at one place for long durations can hamper your blood circulation. This is the reason why people end up with swollen feet and calf muscles at the end of a long travel. Therefore, compression socks become a must carry-on essential for flights longer than four hours. Adding this item to your carry-on baggage becomes even more crucial if you are prone to limbs falling asleep or suffer from a medical condition that can lead to the formation of clots.

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Noise Cancelling Headphones

carry-on-essentials-for-flights_noise-cancelling-headphones9 Carry On Essentials for Flights to Make Travel Less Uncomfortable

If you intend to use up your flying time for some long overdue Netflix binge, you must certainly add a good set of noise-cancelling headphones to your list of carry on essentials for flights, for you don’t want crucial dialogues or intense scenes to drown out in humdrum of crying babies, loud chatter and other ambient noises.

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Disinfecting Wipes

carry-on-essentials-for-flights_disinfecting-wipes9 Carry On Essentials for Flights to Make Travel Less Uncomfortable

We all feel a little edgy about using the aeroplane lavatory or placing our stuff on the folding food trays, and for good reason. There is no way to know when the last time any of these were cleaned was and so your reservation about these being a hotbed of bacteria and germs isn’t paranoia. Include a pack of disinfecting wipes to your carry on essentials for flights and you can be at ease with your surroundings.

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Mini Makeup Kit

carry-on-essentials-for-flights_makeup-kit9 Carry On Essentials for Flights to Make Travel Less Uncomfortable

Have you ever looked at celebrity airport looks and wondered how even! How do they manage to look their flawless best straight out of a flight when you, on the other hand, look like a sleep-deprived zombie! While you may need a full-blown team of professionals to mimic that celebrity-like splendour of airport looks, you are at least go for a dewy fresh look by making mini makeup kit with a good face cleaner, tinted moisturiser, kajal, lip gloss and a comb an integral part of your carry on essentials for flights. Men can work with a moisturiser, lip balm, cologne and comb.

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Mouth Freshener

carry-on-essentials-for-flights_mouth-freshener9 Carry On Essentials for Flights to Make Travel Less Uncomfortable

Ugh, the stale breath after a long flight is one of most awful things about flying. You don’t want it to let it ruin your chances if you end up being seated next to someone interesting on your flight or at the waiting lounge. Besides, feeling gross and yucky can be a huge spirit dampener, which makes mouth freshener an indispensable carry on essential for flights.

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