Marriage is hard work even at its best. When you throw in a baby, postpartum hormones, and a great sense of confusion about ‘where to from here’ in the mix, the results can be disastrous. Having landed in exactly that kind of soup, and being believers in the therapeutic powers of travel, we decided to embark on an Ahmedabad to Diu road trip to rekindle the, if not lost, then dwindling spark.

Husband dearest had read of Ahmedabad-Diu as one of the must-do road trips in India somewhere on the internet. Being based out of Gandhinagar, Gujarat, (which is almost Ahmedabad) worked to your advantage. With the promise of a one-of-its-kind drive on a highway flanked by the mighty Arabian Sea, we set out for our Ahmedabad to Diu road trip in the blistering heat of June. The prospect of dodging the tourist influx made the off-season appealing, the scorching heat notwithstanding.

Ahmedabad to Diu Road Trip: On an Endless Journey

diu-travelogue1Rekindling the Spark with Ahmedabad to Diu Road Trip
The Old City

Our idea of a holiday almost always involves hitting the road, no matter the distance. So, on several occasions in the past, we had been royally deceived by the Google Maps navigation that has an uncanny knack of taking you off highways and into obscure villages with non-existent roads. This time, the man at the wheel was firm in his resolve to not deviate from the highway. Since this Ahmedabad to Diu road trip was all about trying to agree more than argue, I decided to play along, but in doing so, we ended up missing the turn for Bhavnagar and reached Rajkot, adding a good 127 km to our journey in the bargain.

With a 10-month-old baby on the lap and a restless dog in the rear, even a 100 km can seem like an eternity. Realizing that we were lost, we NOW decided to follow the GPS navigation religiously because making a pit stop to ask the locals for directions is a concept alien to men. So, we were back to traversing through the muddy trails of dingy villages, only to get caught in what must be the heaviest downpour we have witnessed in our lifetime.

It was, as if, someone up there was emptying tank loads of water, threatening to send our very sturdy Tata Safari sliding off the road. With visibility reduced to less than 50 metres, we were now moving at a snail’s pace of 20 kmph. And as is the case with kids always, our little one came down with high fever out of the nowhere. We weren’t even close to our destination and I was half-regretting my decision of this Ahmedabad to Diu road trip with a baby in tow. That we were nowhere close to driving along the ocean was certainly the least of our concerns right now.

Ahmedabad to Diu Road Trip: A Drizzly, Breezy Welcome

diu-travelogue_12Rekindling the Spark with Ahmedabad to Diu Road Trip
First sighting of the Arabian Sea

After nearly 13 hours of this Ahmedabad to Diu road trip, we finally hit the ‘Welcome to Diu’ sign engraved on a colonial looking concrete arch. The now sleepy town was drenched in light drizzled and we instantly rolled down our windows and were welcomed by the intoxicating ocean breeze.

The current task at hand was to locate our hotel, which went pretty smoothly. Google Maps finally decided to have mercy! As you drive deeper into the town, the road rises to form a bridge and takes you over the ocean. Our dream of driving through the midst of the sea did come true, even if for a brief 2 minutes. For our exhausted bodies and minds, it was welcome rejuvenation.

The Hoka Island Resort

diu-travelogue_13Rekindling the Spark with Ahmedabad to Diu Road Trip
The Hoka Island Villa

The Hoka Island Resort, they have since renamed the facility as The Hoka Island Villa, is a cosy little hotel right next to Nagoa Beach and also the only pet-friendly hotel in the area. They were not only happy to meet our four-legged baby but accommodating enough to allow him in our room. The staff was courteous and friendly, going the extra mile to make us feel at home even though it was well close to midnight by the time we arrived there.

One of the managers instantly whisked the little one off my arms, giving me some much-needed respite and allowing us time to settle down in our room. They were also happy to fix a quick meal for us at that hour. The rooms were nothing swanky. A tad too small if you are looking to fit in four beings in it, but nothing that you cannot get used to. The colourful decor and happy vibe of the place instantly worked in its favour, and we didn’t even bother checking out the other facilities we had made inquiries at.

A Morning at Nagoa

diu-travelogue_14Rekindling the Spark with Ahmedabad to Diu Road Trip
The Nagoa Beach
diu-travelogue_5-2Rekindling the Spark with Ahmedabad to Diu Road Trip
Our Pooch on the Beach
diu-travelogue_7Rekindling the Spark with Ahmedabad to Diu Road Trip
And the beloved white beast

The next morning we set out after a hearty breakfast at The Hoka and spent most of the morning guzzling down beers and lazying around at the Nagoa Beach. We drove to the top of what seemed like an abrupt cliff and parked there to take in the expanse of the mighty Arabian. One of our descend we decided to drive around the beach a little before heading out to the town. As we took a rather wide U-turn at the fag end of the beach, our car came to a grinding halt, its tyres stuck in the wet sand.

The next two hours were spent trying to get the white beast moving, with a little help from a bunch of boys from nearby hutments, which cost us a dear 3 grand! Apparently, adventure-seeking tourists getting stuck on the beach sand was routine, and these boys had found a way to make a quick buck out of it. They dug the sand from underneath the tyres, then placed wooden planks to give the car some traction, and repeated the drill several times until we were good to go. They did their happy dance, we fell back to our hotel, famished and with sullen faces.

Washed Over by the Tide

diu-travelogue_6Rekindling the Spark with Ahmedabad to Diu Road Trip
Washed over

In the evening, we were back at the beach. Beers, baby and pooch in tow. We spent our time lazing about, helping ourselves to some seafood snacks from the nearby stalls, talking and staring at the sun go down. Late into the evening, long after most visitors had left, we were still there, soaking up the laid back holiday vibe to the T.

The little one was playing in the sand, we sat with our feet dipped in ocean waters. A highway patrol guy passing by warned us to move back as it was high tide. We adjusted our position a tad, not taking his caution too seriously. In a matter of minutes, a huge wave washed us over, knocking the kid sideways, and sending us scurrying after our belongings. Drenched and in splits, we lay there under the shining moon for a little while before calling it a night.

The Touristy Things

diu-travelogue_8Rekindling the Spark with Ahmedabad to Diu Road Trip
View from the fort
diu-travelogue_9Rekindling the Spark with Ahmedabad to Diu Road Trip
The Portuguese Architecture
diu-travelogue_10Rekindling the Spark with Ahmedabad to Diu Road Trip
More fort and sea

On our third day in Diu, we set out to do the typical touristy stuff. Spending the morning taking a tour of the might Diu Fort, which with its imposing walls, canon guns facing the ocean and intricate carving on the inner walls is a delight to behold. Like with any other fort, be prepared for a lot of walking and put on a pair of comfortable shoes. In my beach holiday spirit, I went in a pair of strappy sandals and regretted it immensely.

Food is a big part of the holiday experience for me. Having worked up an appetite after the Fort tour, I searched for a fancy cafe, settled for one in the gated, old part of the city. However, the cafe remained elusive. After several rounds of the congested roads in this part of the town, we realised we just going in circles around the St Paul’s Church. Since it was right there, we decided to go in and explore the church.

After this, we headed out to eat at the next restaurant that came our way, which, sadly, happened to be some vegetarian bhojanalya. Grumpy from this experience, I decided we were having the rest of our meals at the Hoka. With a fairly elaborate menu, great seafood preparations and a variety of cuisines, there wasn’t much to complain about that choice.

Beach Hopping

diu-travelogue_15Rekindling the Spark with Ahmedabad to Diu Road Trip
The hypnotic spell of blue
diu-travelogue_11Rekindling the Spark with Ahmedabad to Diu Road Trip
Vanakbara Beach
diu-travelogue_3-1Rekindling the Spark with Ahmedabad to Diu Road Trip
En Route INS Khukri

Our fourth and final day of this Ahmedabad to Diu road trip was spent beach hopping. We went from Jallandhar Beach to Vanakbara Beach, Ghoghla Beach, the INS Khukri Memorial, back to Nagoa, and finally, to Chakratirth for a sunset sighting. We got there fairly early, and the beach was almost abandoned, save for a few dogs scavenging in the distance.

The beach is studded with broken seashells that shine brighter than jewels under the sunlight. The water is a mesmerising shade of blue, and the peace and quiet of the place make you never want to go back. We spent close to three hours marvelling at the beauty of this unadulterated sight and headed back after watching the sun go down in the blue water like a ball of amber being doused out.

Ahmedabad to Diu Road Trip: Onward Home

diu-travelogue_3-2Rekindling the Spark with Ahmedabad to Diu Road Trip
Ahmedabad to Diu Road Trip – Onward Home

It was a wrap on our quick Ahmedabad to Diu road trip that proved to be everything we had hoped for and more. Diu is the kind of vacation you must take to enjoy the simple joys of life, minus the worldly humdrum.

On our way back, we took the route that we were meant to take originally, but the ocean by the highway remained elusive still. When we were way past Bhavnagar, and there was no hope of any ocean showing up anymore, I finally Googled what route it was that we had planned this entire Ahmedabad to Diu road trip around. Turns out, it was the Chennai-Pondicherry drive that husband dearest had mistaken for Ahmedabad-Diu. So close!


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