River cruises are the perfect escape from the city life into the folds of nature. While tourist destinations flanked by rivers and large water bodies abound in such opportunities, you don’t typically expect to experience it in mainstream urban centres. That’s what made the Alfresco Grand River Cruise Guwahati an absolutely unforgettable experience for us.

Alfresco Grand River Cruise Guwahati

Alfresco Grand River Cruise Guwahati_entry
Dinner Cruise on Alfresco Grand

The two hours on board on the Alfresco Grand River Cruise Guwahati were a complete delight without a single dull moment. We took the dinner cruise on the Alfresco Grand in Guwahati and were completely immersed in the experience of dining on the mighty Brahmaputra with Guwahati’s night setting in the backdrop. The courteous staff and great hospitality at the Alfresco Grand River Cruise Guwahati enhanced this unexpected, unique experience manifold.

The Alfresco Grand River Cruise Guwahati is a cruise ship that takes you to lunch cruise, sunset cruise, dinner cruise, one night and two-night cruises on the Bhramaputra River. The Alfresco Grand Sunset Cruise Guwahati is one of the most sought-after cruise offerings. Sitting on the deck sipping coffee or tea and watching the sun setting in the horizons of the Bhramaputra is an almost unparalleled calming, soothing and romantic experience.

Dinner Cruise on the Alfresco Grand

We, however, took the dinner cruise on the Alfresco Grand in Guwahati. The encapsulating, enthralling display of the rich heritage and culture of Assam make this cruise a worthwhile experience.

Alfresco Grand River Cruise Guwahati_deck
The cruise deck

As we stepped aboard the Alfresco Grand River Cruise Guwahati, the staff members greeted us with a welcome drink. The deck was beautifully adorned with a symphony of lights, reserved tables and the folk music of North East India playing on a mega screen. Soon, the cruise ship was filled with people and we were served scrumptious snacks.

Alfresco Grand River Cruise Guwahati_battle of Saraighat
Sand art depiction of the battle of Saraighat

The programme started with the story of the brave leader of Ahom kingdom (present-day Assam) Lachit Borphukan, who defeated the Mughals in the battle of Saraighat. His story was depicted through sand art, which made for a fascinating, hair-raising experience.

Alfresco Grand River Cruise Guwahati _Bagurumba dance
The Bagurumba dance

Next came a musical performance by a local artist. The Bagurumba dance with instruments had us tapping our feet to the symphony even though the meaning of words eluded us. The highlight of the evening was the popular Bihu dance of Assam, performed in full traditional attire, complete with ‘Jaapi’ – a hat made of tightly woven bamboo or cane and a large Palm leaf.

Alfresco Grand River Cruise Guwahati_Bihu dance
Bihu performance

Later, romantic retro songs set the mood for a romantic evening ahead. I was completely lost in the heady mix of a cool river breeze blowing and euphonious melodies when suddenly the music changed to dance numbers and everyone was invited to join in. We had a ball whirling and twirling to the music until dinner was served.

The dinner was a lavish spread with gourmet delights and delicious flavours. It was a beautiful, enchanting and an unforgettable experience that I’d highly recommended to anyone planning a trip to Guwahati.

Dinner Cruise at Alfresco Grand Guwahati

Schedule: 7.30 to 9.30 PM Everyday

Cost: Rs 1,300 per person

Booking: You can book your seats through Alfresco Grand Guwahati online booking.


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