Situated on the banks of the mighty Brahmaputra and sprawled over an area of 430 sq km, the Kaziranga National Park is one of the most aspirational Assam destinations. A sanctuary for the endangered one-horned rhinoceroses, a vibrant Tiger Reserve, home to migratory birds, a haven of diverse flora and fauna and blessed with breathtaking landscape, Kaziranga has been rightfully termed the ‘Serengeti of the East’. While the park in itself has a lot to offer, it can be explored in a couple of days. Anyone taking out the time to travel to this part of the country would like to make the most of their escapade. To help you do just that we have put together these 9 top Assam destinations to visit near Kaziranga National Park:

Hoollongapar Gibbon Sanctuary

Assam-destinations_Hoollongapar-Gibbon-Wildlife-Sanctuary9 Top Assam Destinations to Visit Near Kaziranga National Park
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If the raw natural beauty of Kaziranga leaves you wanting more, the Hoollongapar Gibbon Sanctuary, just 3 km from the national park, is the place to be. A special green zone, it has been created to conserve the unique Hoolock Gibbon species of Apes, native to India. The awe-inspiring diversity of this lesser-known green haven makes it one of the best Assam destinations to visit. Apart from Hoolock Gibbon, the sanctuary is also home to stumped tailed macaques, eastern Assamese macaques, Northern pigtailed macaques, capped langurs and rhesus macaques.

Tea Gardens of Kaziranga

Assam-destinations_Kaziranga-tea-gardens9 Top Assam Destinations to Visit Near Kaziranga National Park
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Think Assam, and an image of lush green, terraced tea garden springs up in mind. The landscape of Kaziranga, flanked by the Brahmaputra, makes it an ideal location for developing tea gardens. The local tea plantations in Kaziranga enhance the beauty of this place manifold and are a treat to the eyes. An overnight stay at a homestay in the midst of the tea plantation in this Assam destination is recommended to truly soak up the beauty of the tea gardens.


Assam-destinations_Bokakhat9 Top Assam Destinations to Visit Near Kaziranga National Park
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Located just 23 km from the Kaziranga National Park, the off-the-radar Bokakhat town is one of the most attractive Assam destinations. The place has a rich mix of natural sports, historical sites, temples, monasteries, archaeological remains, tea gardens, hills, cottage industries, handloom products and a warm cultural vibe brought on by local festivals. While in Bokakhat, explore the NRL and the Butterfly Garden, Kaipho Langso Waterfalls, Karbi Anglong, Oriole Park, Golf Course, Deo Pahar and Kuruabahi Satra.


Assam-destinations_Behora9 Top Assam Destinations to Visit Near Kaziranga National Park
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With its rolling tea gardens and lush green environs, Behora is a treat for nature lovers and a salve to the eyes. This small village, located 43 km from Kaziranga National Park, has ample lodges and homestays offering overnight stay right in the midst of these terraced greenscapes. You can also take a tour of a tea factory and participate in tea tasting events to indulge your senses in a refreshing hit. A walk around the green trails of Behora is perfect for losing yourself in the lap of nature.

Kakochang Falls

assam-destinations_Kakochang-Falls9 Top Assam Destinations to Visit Near Kaziranga National Park
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A picturesque location about 46 km from Kaziranga and just 13 km from Bokakhat, Kakochang Falls is a popular picnic spot among the locals and tourists alike. A cascade of frothy white in the midst of a lush green forest, Kakochang Falls is a sight to behold. The location of the falls also offers mesmerising views of the historical remains of Numaligarh and Deopahar. The landscape of coffee, tea and rubber farms enhance the beauty of this quaint little Assam destination.


Assam-destinations_Majuli9 Top Assam Destinations to Visit Near Kaziranga National Park
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World’s largest river island, Majuli is truly most unique of Assam destinations that stands out for its breathtaking location as well as an interesting mix of cultural and religious attractions. About 114 km from the Kaziranga National Park, Majuli is the seat of heritage avenues such as Garmur, a holy Vishnavit seat with some rare ancient artefact, Kamalabari Satra, and Satara that houses articles pertaining to classical studies, literature, art and culture.


Assam-destinations_sibsagar9 Top Assam Destinations to Visit Near Kaziranga National Park
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Also known as Ranpura, Sibsagar is one of the most attractive Assam destinations for anyone who appreciates ancient architecture and monuments. Talatal Ghar, a three-storey building one of which is built underground, is the key attraction of Sibsagar. The structure stands out for its design and architecture. Joysagar Tank and Temples are another highlight of this small Assamese town. The huge structure covering an area of 320 acres on the banks of river Jeydol was built in a record time of 45 days back in the day. The Ahom Museum that throws light on the life and times of the erstwhile royalty of Assam and the Sibsagar Lake are other key attractions to look out for. Sibsagar is located 171 from the national park.


assam-destinations_Jatinga9 Top Assam Destinations to Visit Near Kaziranga National Park
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Jatinga is a mystifying spot famous as the fabled spot where birds commit suicide. The myth arises from frequent incidents of birds crashing into the towering bamboo trees tall enough to obstruct their path of flight. At a distance of 277 km from Kaziranga, Jatinga is one of soothing and serene Assam destinations.


Assam-destinations_hafflong9 Top Assam Destinations to Visit Near Kaziranga National Park
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The only Assam destination with hilly terrain, Haflong attracts tourists all year round. You can club your visit to this place abounding in nature’s bounties with your trip to the Kaziranga National Park. Located 283 km from Kaziranga, Haflong is an oasis of calm waters, lush green hills and a host of adventure activities. The pristine Haflong Lake is the highlight of this destination but there is a lot more here to amaze you at every step of the way.

That should set you up for a good 10 days of exploring the spell-binding, lesser-known Assam destinations. Which ones are you adding to your itinerary?


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