Your choice of hotel can be a make or break factor in your holiday experience. After all, squeaky beds, unclean bathrooms, damp rooms and unpalatable food don’t exactly say rejuvenation and relaxation. It is absolutely crucial to do your homework before finalising a hotel in Pahalgam, as that’s what most ‘budget’ hotels in the town have to offer in the name of affordable hospitality. We simplify the task for you with this rundown on 7 best hotels in Pahalgam – one of every kind of traveller:

Luxury Hotels in Pahalgam

If you are in the mood to splurge on a luxury stay, these are your best options:

Pahalgam Hotel

hotels-in-pahalgam_pahalgam-hotel7 Best Hotels in Pahalgam for Every Kind of Traveller
Pahalgam Hotel

Set up in 1931, the Pahalgam Hotel is one of the first to be set up on this town’s landscape. While its heritage status certainly adds to the appeal and charm of this property, there is a lot more here to deliver on that perfect holiday experience. Great location, versatile dining options, and well-appointed luxury rooms, this plush property sprawled over 2 acres of land is definitely a frontrunner among hotels in Pahalgam.

Price: INR 7,500 onward

Hotel Heevan

hotels-in-pahalgam_hotel-heevan7 Best Hotels in Pahalgam for Every Kind of Traveller
Hotel Heevan

Another impressing property overlooking the cascading Lidder River, Hotel Heevan is one of the few hotels in Pahalgam that deliver on the experience of luxury. The location of this hotel is certainly its biggest drawcard, enhanced by its modern, well-equipped rooms, swanky facade and interiors and versatile food choices, ranging from authentic Kashmiri preparations to other Indian and Continental cuisines. A staircase leading all the way down to the bank of the Lidder, allowing you the opportunity to take in the beauty of the surroundings with feet soaked in the ice-cold river water is hands down the best part about staying at Heevan.

Price: INR 9,500 onward

Budget Hotels in Pahalgam

Travelling on a budget shouldn’t mean having to compromise with basic comforts. There budget hotels in Pahalgam guarantee exactly that:

Walison Peace Resort

hotels-in-pahalgam_walisons-peace7 Best Hotels in Pahalgam for Every Kind of Traveller
Walison Peace Resort

A small boutique-esque hotel, Walison Peace Resort is situated about 8 kilometres short of the main town of Pahalgam, and the location of the property is undoubtedly its best part. Located right beside the Lidder at a point where the river splits into different small streams, making it easily accessible, the hotel boasts of one of the most breathtaking views. A small but lush green and well-maintained lawn adds to the appeal of this small, cosy hotel set in inside a building that was either meant to be or used to be a private home. The first floor of the hotel contains four rooms done up with wooden interiors and equipped with all basic amenities, and there is a fifth room on the ground floor next to the dining hall. The property is clean and well-maintained but the rooms are a tad too close together to accord any privacy.

Price: INR 1,400 onward

Hotel Volga

hotels-in-pahalgam_volga-hotel7 Best Hotels in Pahalgam for Every Kind of Traveller
Hotel Volga

Hotel Volga situated in the main market, practically across the road from the Pahalgam Hotel, is another great choice for a comfortable stay on a budget. The hotel is situated bang on the road leading up to Baisaran, so you can be sure to be treated to some breathtaking views of the mountains and Pine forests. The interiors and rooms follow a minimalistic design but you get everything you need for a comfortable stay. On account of cleanliness, it is one of the best hotels in Pahalgam. The standard room here fits the budget category perfectly but if you are willing to shell out a little more for an experiential stay, the independent cottages are the way to go.

Price: INR 1,500 onward

Camping in Pahalgam

If your idea of being in nature resonates with camping in tents, this is the best hotel in Pahalgam for you:

Aru Eco Resort

hotels-in-pahalgam_aru-eco-resort7 Best Hotels in Pahalgam for Every Kind of Traveller
Aru Eco Resort

Away from the speeding cars, troops of ponies and the hustle bustle of the town, the Aru Eco Resort is situated on the road leading up to Aru Valley. With all the homely comforts accorded in tents pitched in nature’s own backyard, this camping resort is just right for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers. Apart from treating your eyes to mesmerising views, you can also partake in treks on different routes – day treks around Aru Valley and overnight treks to Kolohai Glacier, Harbhagwan Lake, Tarsar and Marsar Lakes, and Sonamarg via Tarsar and Marsar lakes – from here.

Price: INR 3,200 onward

Cottages in Pahalgam

A cute little wooden cottage by a stream or in the middle of a meadow – that’s the dream, right? Anyone who loves the hills has fantasised about living in such cottages at some point or the other. A stay at these cottage hotels in Pahalgam gives you the chance to live that dream:

Mala Castle Cottages

hotels-in-pahalgam_mala-castle-cottages7 Best Hotels in Pahalgam for Every Kind of Traveller
Mala Castle Cottage

Located in the heart of the Overa-Aru Wildlife Sanctuary, this quaint little wooden cottage housing four splendid guestrooms with upscale amenities and picturesque surroundings is the perfect retreat for those seeking a laidback, relaxing vacation. The in-house kitchen here is known to whip up some scrumptious delicacies that can be enjoyed on the lush green lawn on the property.

Price: INR 3,039 onward

JKTDC Pahalgam Resort

hotels-in-pahalgam_jktdc7 Best Hotels in Pahalgam for Every Kind of Traveller
JKTDC Pahalgam Resort

Perched on a lush green meadow, overlooking the main town market and the surrounding parks, these deluxe cottages maintained and managed by the J&K Tourism Development Corporation are an absolute stellar choice for a stay in Pahalgam. Since these cottages are scattered over a generous patch of a well-maintained green expanse, you actually get a feeling of being by yourself in the woods somewhere. You can choose between one-room, two-room and four-room cottages and these are accommodation only. For food, you can walk down to the main market where all the popular restaurants are. Contrary to popular belief that getting tourism accommodations involves a lot of red tape and often times a well-placed ‘contact’, these can actually be booked right on the JKTDC website.

Price: INR 2,400 onward

Pro Tip: A lot of these hotels have higher tariff listed on their websites in comparison to the price they are available for on online booking portals. Look for the best price online, and then call the hotel to make a booking and quote the best price to ask for a discount. Pat yourself on the back for striking a good deal.

With your accommodation choices taken care of, you can focus on other important aspects of planning a trip to Pahalgam, Kashmir. But don’t forget to read up on our pro-tips on Pahalgam sightseeing before you go.


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