If you have ever travelled with your significant other, you are probably familiar with the baggage-related bickering that begins right when you start packing and lingers on through the holiday. The constant ‘I told you to travel light’, ‘You should have let me bring this or that’ and the likes of it can be quite the dampener for your holiday spirit. For couples who love to travel and want to make it a regular feature in their journey together, learning to pack smart early on is the key to making escapades a memorable experience and not drudgery. Here are five such smart packing tips to help you get the most out of your travels as a couple:

Share Your Luggage

travelling-couples_sharing-luggageFive Packing Tips for the Travelling Couple
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Unless you are headed for a backpacking trip to remote, far-flung regions, you don’t need to carry the weight of your travel load on your back. For most travel destinations anywhere across the world, you will have accommodation avenues with ample assistance to port your luggage around. So instead of bringing different bags each, aim for one large pulley suitcase with wheels and fit in all your clothes, shoes and toiletries in it. These bags are travel-friendly and make it easier to lug the weight around while in transit. This way only one of you occupied with lugging the weight around, while the other can grab coffee, snacks and get things moving at the check-in counters.

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Choose Warmer Destinations

travelling-couples_warmer-destinationsFive Packing Tips for the Travelling Couple
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If you decide to travel to Europe or Canada during the winter, rest assured that you will be struggling with an unmanageable bulk of woollens, jackets, boots, scarves, caps, mittens and so on. On the other hand, you just require a handful of shorts, tops, t-shirts, vests, dresses, swim gear and flip-flops for a warmer destination. Your choice of destination can literally cut your travel load by more than half. For travelling to colder destinations, planning your trip just around the onset or retreat of summer is ideal. As the weather is pleasant during the time and you can still escape the peak tourist season and the price surge that comes with it.

Use Vacuum Bags to Free Up Space

travelling-couples_vacuum-bagsFive Packing Tips for the Travelling Couple
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Packing light is an art and not everyone can master it. Some of us just succumb to that compulsive urge of wanting to bring everything possible on every trip. If you or your partner is the kinds who end up carrying their entire life in their bags, vacuum bags can prove to be your single biggest travel buddy. Settle for the hand roll variants of these vacuum bags, so you can put them to good use even when you don’t have access to a vacuum cleaner. Air can be compressed out of hand roll vacuum bags by simply rolling these over. This can be quite a hack for freeing up space in your luggage, allowing you to fit in more stuff in a single bag.

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Cut Back on Gadgets

travelling-couples_less-gadgetsFive Packing Tips for the Travelling Couple
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Our line-up of gadgets and their supporting paraphernalia is one of the biggest bulks in today’s time. Revisit the childhood maxim of sharing is caring and cut back on the gadgets you bring along on your trips. If you are taking a holiday, for instance, you can both ditch your laptops and carry a single tablet as a contingency for work-related emergencies. Similarly, a single camera, a single phone charger and so on can contribute to bringing down the travel load. For a trip involving a mix of work and leisure, make do with one laptop shared between the two of you. If you both require your own, ditch all the other gadgets, except for your smartphones, to compensate for it.

Organise Your Stuff in Packing Cubes

travelling-couples_packing-cubesFive Packing Tips for the Travelling Couple
Image Source: Travel Fashion Girl

All your stuff getting mixed up can be a big deterrent when it comes to couples sharing their luggage. If you don’t want your dumps of dirty underwear or soiled socks at the end of the trip to get mixed up or if you want to make sure your shoes do not accidentally end up in the midst of clean clothes, packing cubes can be quite the lifesaver. For one, they hold up all your clothes, accessories and other essentials neatly even during transit, besides eliminating the risk of mix up and accidental spills and stains.

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