What is your first instinct when boredom strikes? For a vast majority of us, the answer would be reaching out for our phones and scrolling through social media feeds, perhaps watching those short stand up comedy videos, looking at cute dogs on Instagram or following makeup tutorials or DIY ideas on YouTube. Now, what do you do when you have not a few minutes but hours to kill, confined to your seat at some 36,000 feet in the air, followed by long layovers at airports? Even though in-flight entertainment options are getting better and more diverse by the day, there is no guarantee that the content available will be in sync with your taste. And for how long can you browse through magazine or marvel at the beauty of the sky from up above?

Your phone’s usability may be restricted on airplane mode, but with the right kind of app you can turn it into your on-the-go entertainment centre. Here are some of the top fun apps for flights that will keep you entertained and engaged during your travels:


Fun-apps-for-flights_NetflixAirplane Mode: Fun Apps to Help You Survive the Next Long-Haul Flight
Image Source: Netflix

Since Netflix’s offline mode has been up and running for quite some time now, there couldn’t be a more appropriate fun app for flights to start off this list with. The offline mode allows you to save series and movies from the list of content available for download – which is pretty much all of the content on Netflix, with a few exceptions. So, build up your collection ahead of your travel and spend your time in air catching up on your favourite shows and movies.


Fun-apps-for-flights_YouTubeAirplane Mode: Fun Apps to Help You Survive the Next Long-Haul Flight
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If Netflix tops the charts, could YouTube be far behind! With the ability to download content to be viewed in offline mode and an insanely huge content collection, YouTube certainly is one of most fun apps for long flights. From tech to gaming, comedy, beauty, entertainment, fashion, kids-specific content, whatever be your area of interest, YouTube has got your covered. For a more seamless experience with this fun app for an airplane ride, you can even try the YouTube Red – a paid version of the app that offers ad-free offline videos, original shows and music channels at $11.99 a month. Of course, it does not have to be an ongoing subscription like Netflix. You can just sign up for a month when you have a lot of travel lined up. For a one-off journey, the regular version of YouTube works just fine.


Fun-apps-for-flights_VLCAirplane Mode: Fun Apps to Help You Survive the Next Long-Haul Flight
Image Source: TWCN Tech News

If you are looking for a fun app for a flight minus the subscription charges, the VLC Player is what you should be looking at. Yes, the good ol’ VLC Player that you use to play videos and movies on your computer now has an app on which you can load up all the videos or movies you’d like to catch up on. It is a versatile app that supports almost all video formats, saving you the trouble of having to convert original files.


Fun-apps-for-flights_KindleAirplane Mode: Fun Apps to Help You Survive the Next Long-Haul Flight
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Reading on planes is one of the most productive and relaxing ways to pass time. As you get immersed in a book’s plot, the hours-long journey just whizzes past. However, if you are one of those people who are forever struggling to stick to the permissible baggage weight limits, fitting in books or even a separate e-reader can be a challenge. Building up your digital library on the Kindle app by Amazon makes for a more practical way to access your books. Apart from Kindle that happens to be a top choice for reading books in the digital format, Google Play Book is also a user-friendly travel app. It lets you access books you may have bought on other platforms as well as upload PDFs. Features like brightness control and night mode qualify these book readers as fun apps for long flights.

Pocket Casts

Fun-apps-for-flights_Pocket-CastAirplane Mode: Fun Apps to Help You Survive the Next Long-Haul Flight
Image Source: Shifty Jelly

When you are too tired or woozy to keep your eyes open and concentrate on reading or even stay focussed on visual content, audios are the best way to tune out without letting the silence and boredom get the better of you. However, keeping up with your podcast subscriptions without any readily accessible WiFi or mobile internet can be a tad tedious. Enter Pocket Casts that lets you download new episodes automatically and then organise them into different playlists as per your preference. You also have the option to control the playback speed on this one to suit your current mood, going from peppy and upbeat when you are wide awake to slow and soft when you are about to dose off. With a slick, user-friendly interface, this is definitely one of the most entertaining and fun apps for flights to get you all settled in for your ride.

Which of these apps have you tried? Or do you have your own selection of travel-friendly app you use on plane journeys? Do let us know in the comments section.


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