Situated by the Adriatic Sea, Croatia is a land abounding in unspoilt beauty. If you are Game of Thrones fan, you’d know what we mean. The quintessential Mediterranean dream of balmy days spent around sapphire blue waters flanked by walled towns steeped in history, islands speckling the sea, beaches with dazzling white pebbles, and long stretches of virgin coastline. These are just some of the reasons that make travel to Croatia aspirational:

Travel to Croatia for a Deeper Game of Thrones Fan Connection

Croatia_Game-of-Thrones5 Reasons Why Every Game of Thrones Fan Must Travel to Croatia
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Of course, we are leading with the one thing that has put this quaint European destination on the world travel map. The country serves as the central setting for the iconic fantasy series. As the ultimate battle for the throne commences and ushers the end of an era, every Game of Thrones fan could stoke a sense of nostalgia by travelling to Croatia. Now, you can’t call yourself a fan if you don’t know these locations like the back of your hand already but here is a quick lowdown on the places to check out, so that you don’t miss out on anything:

  • City of Dubrovnik, whose walls and forts serve as the King’s Landing. Various locations, iconic structures, lanes and alleys of the city have served as the backdrop of many an iconic moment from the show. The Minčeta Fortress as the House of the Undying, street scenes filmed around Svetog Dominika, Stradun as the backdrop to Cersei’s walk of shame, Rector’s Palace inner courtyard where Daenerys meets the Spice King in Qarth and Gradac Park which was the location of the Purple Wedding, to name a few.
  • The Trsteno Arboretum that is shown as the Red Keep’s gardens.
  • The Fortress of Klis that serves as the backdrop of Meereen.
  • St Dominic Monastery of Trogir that features as the City of Qarth.
  • The Roman monument Diocletian’s Palace seen as Daenerys’s throne room while she ruled Meereen.
  • Kastel Gomilica as the coastline of Braavos
  • Šibenik as the City of Braavos
  • Žrnovnica stream where Missandei meets Grey Worm
  • Split where scenes of post-siege Meeren have been shot

While Game of Thrones may have catapulted Croatia to fame, the destination has a lot more to offer. Some of the top experiences to soak up during your travel to Croatia include:

Confluence of History

Croatia_monuments5 Reasons Why Every Game of Thrones Fan Must Travel to Croatia
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The unique location of Croatia, that rests precariously between central Europe and the Balkans, led to this land being passed on between empires, kingdoms and republic for thousands of years. This continuous transition and dislocation have a definite upside to it – it gave this country its rich historical legacy that has remnants from every kingdom, empire and ruler that every held its reign. So, you find Napoleonic forts sitting snugly with the Venetian palazzo, Roman columns coming out of primaeval Slavic churches, Socialist Realist sculptures and Viennese mansions. Anyone with an interest in history must travel to Croatia to witness this unique confluence that defines much of its character.

Diverse Landscape and Raw Natural Beauty

Croatia_beaches5 Reasons Why Every Game of Thrones Fan Must Travel to Croatia
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Whether you are a beach person or a lover of mountains, inclined toward pristine water bodies or the lush greens of rolling farmlands, you don’t have to think twice before packing your bags to travel to Croatia because this country has it all. One minute you are overlooking the glistening ocean waters and a slight shift in gaze put the mighty ranges of the Dinaric Alps in your view. The mountain range that stretched from Albania to Italy covers most of Croatia’s coast. As you travel around Croatia, heading further toward the inland, you are greeted by a heady mix of caverns, rugged peaks, unbelievably picturesque lakes, waterfalls cascading over lush greens, river canyons, and expansive farmlands. For those who love to stay active even during holidays, Croatia has myriad biking and hiking trails. The land is also a treat for adrenaline junkies with a host of rafting, zip lining and rock climbing opportunities.

The Finest of Amphitheatres

Croatia_culture5 Reasons Why Every Game of Thrones Fan Must Travel to Croatia
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If you have travelled to Europe before, you’d notice that amphitheatres that were used for entertainment, sports and art performances are a huge part of the continent’s landscape. From the Colosseum in Rome to Arles in France and many more. The Pula Arena in the port city situated in the Istria region of Croatia is hands-down one of the finest of them all. This first-century Roman amphitheatre is one of the most well-preserved in the world and still very much in use. Regular musical concerts are held at this historic site, apart from the annual film festival held in July, making this time of the year the best to travel to Croatia for soaking up its eclectic cultural vibe. Incidentally, this year’s festival is currently underway.

Food and Wine

Croatia_food5 Reasons Why Every Game of Thrones Fan Must Travel to Croatia
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The best way to experience the vibrant local culture of this place is to transcend the tourist-native barriers during your travel around Croatia. Once that ice is broken, you’ll discover the unadulterated warmth of Croatian hospitality where food and drinks are an integral part of the culture. ‘Jedi! Jedi! Jedi!’ that translates to ‘Eat! Eat! Eat!’ is a common refrain in local homes here. As you sample home-style food from personal kitchens and family-run taverns or explore the bustling cafes with innovative menus, Croatia will leave a lingering aftertaste of warmth in your heart. Of course, all this food is best tasted with generous helpings of Croatian wines, considered one of the best in the world.


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