New Year, new you, new beginnings…it is that time again when you heave a sigh of relief at having survived yet another brutally taxing year and look forward to making a fresh start. To help you balance out the challenges and stresses that 2019 will usher in, some of the biggest names in the industry are rolling out travel list of hottest travel destinations for 2019.

We know you work hard for a lot of things in life but zeroing in on a holiday destination shouldn’t be one of them. So we did the sifting for you by picking out the best of the hottest travel destinations for 2019 put out by the likes of Lonely Planet, Airbnb, British Airways, Ranker and even Amex. Here is our rundown of the seven hottest travel destinations for 2019 that you must add to your bucket list:

Normandy, France

hottest-travel-destinations-for-2019_NormandyThese are the 7 Hottest Travel Destinations for 2019
Image Source: WorldStrides

You are already familiar with the name, thanks to the history lessons on the battle of Normandy. While the place is replete with museums and D-Day landings that shed light on the historic battle, there is a lot more to explore and fall in love with here. Local varieties of cheese, seafood and ciders – think all things exotic and French. The place registered a 229 per cent increase in bookings just for New Year’s. That explains its status as one of the hottest travel destinations for 2019. Check it out on your next Europe holiday.

Kaikoura, New Zealand

hottest-travel-destination-for-2019_KaikouraThese are the 7 Hottest Travel Destinations for 2019
Image Source: Lonely Planet

Kaikoura is making a comeback for a second innings on the global tourism scene. This coastal region remained a popular destination for tourists, especially those with a penchant for outdoor activities and a good adrenaline rush until it was wrecked by a massive earthquake in 2016. Kaikoura has bounced back as one of the hottest travel destinations for 2019and is currently brimming over with tourist bookings. Seems like nothing can keep enthusiasts away from crayfishing for too long.


hottest-travel-destinations-for-2019_seychellesThese are the 7 Hottest Travel Destinations for 2019
Image Source: go-seychelles

Despite being just a tiny dot on the world map, this archipelago comprising 115 islands situated in the Indian Ocean, off East Africa, this dreamy location abounds in white sand beaches, turquoise waters and forest-clad mountains. Virtually untouched by tourists, Seychelles boasts of the world’s second largest coral atoll, exotic flora and fauna, avenues for adventure sports like scuba diving, rum distilleries, and UNESCO heritage sites. It is not only one of the hottest travel destinations for 2019 but also the perfect place for anyone who wants to avoid big crowds on holidays and have a great time on a budget.

Southern Nile Valley, Egypt

hottest-travel-destinations-for-2019_Southern-Nile-ValleyThese are the 7 Hottest Travel Destinations for 2019
Image Source: dreamstravel

Egypt remains an exotic attraction for travel enthusiasts. If you haven’t checked off this box on your bucket list, do it this year with a trip to Southern Nile Valley – the place picked as the hottest travel destinations for 2019 on a budget by Lonely Planet. A chance to stand at the banks of River Nile, take a cruise on it, visit ancient temples, tombs and ruins that stand testimony to the rich history and heritage of this ancient land. The Temple of Horus at Edfu built centuries ago to escape erosion from the Nile is one of the finest marvels you can explore during your time here.

Hamburg, Germany

hottest-travel-destinations-for-2019_HamburgThese are the 7 Hottest Travel Destinations for 2019
Image Source: 9Travel

The largest German city after Berlin, Hamburg is a city with a distinct character and a fun vibe. This major German port city that is connected to the North Sea by Elbe River is marked by huge parklands and canals crisscrossing through. At the heart of the city lies the Inner Alster Lake dotted with tiny boats and surrounded by quaint cafes. With a rich history, urban metropolis vibe and maritime spirit, Hamburg has a lot going on for it and it’s hardly a surprise that it has made it to many a list of hottest travel destinations for 2019.

Great Smoky Mountains, USA

hottest-travel-destinations-for-2019_Great-Smoky-MountainsThese are the 7 Hottest Travel Destinations for 2019
Image Source: Framepool

Great Smoky Mountains flanked between North Caroline and Tennessee, straddling both borders, is already the most popular national park in the US. Airbnb has put it on its list of hottest travel destinations for 2019 after it registered a whopping 191 per cent increase in bookings. Looks like Americans cannot get enough of the sprawling landscapes of lush forests, clear water streams, rivers and waterfalls, dotted with an abundance of colourful wildflowers that bloom throughout the year. If a US trip is on the cards, you must add the Great Smoky Mountains for an off-the-grid holiday. Sipping Tennessee whiskey on its home turf while you are there is definitely an added drawcard.

Xiamen, China

hottest-travel-destinations-for-2019_xiamenThese are the 7 Hottest Travel Destinations for 2019
Image Source: China

If the US has an entry to the list of hottest travel destinations for 2019, can China be far behind! Xiamen, a port city in the southeast region of China, has been garnering a lot of global attention as China’s next ‘It’ city. While the place has always been popular among domestic tourists, its brush with international fame is fairly recent. Xiamen is best known for its breathtaking beaches and uninterrupted seaside views, European architecture and quaint shops. Gulangyu, a walking plaza dotted by hotels, cafes and beaches, and the Xiamen Cycling Skyway, an elevated cycling path built in 2017 as the longest in the world, are among the top attractions here. The city is also a cultural hotspot in its own right, with museums and a vibrant art scene that offer interesting insights into the history and heritage of the Chinese.

Which of these hottest travel destinations for 2019 caught your fancy? Let us know by dropping a comment.


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