I grew up watching movies showcasing a picturesque landscape, with large valleys, snow-capped hills, green meadows and a waterfall in the background. Last Easter, I got a chance to experience the view, this time not through a lens. My trip with my friends to Iceland was indeed by far the best that I took.

Iceland is known as “the land of Vikings”, located in the midst of ice and fire, literally. Owing to its geographical location, between two continents of Europe and America, it is formed over the mid-Atlantic ridge (and if you don’t know what it means, you will, once you visit this beautiful island country).

Before you plan a vacation to Iceland, don’t forget to pack all your warm clothes even if you visit during the summer. It is a cold country with strong wind currents due to its oceanic cover.

It is advisable to rent a car from the airport if you are a small group (we were 5, two of us drivers with Indian licence) or you can get a tour package including transportation as Iceland’s tourist locations are far from the most inhabited city of Reykjavik. We booked an AirBnb apartment and stayed for 5 days. If not all, we travelled most of the tourist attractions of Iceland.

Iceland_3Iceland, A Divine Land in the Midst of Fire and Ice

Though if you are running tight on schedule, the Golden Circle tour is the perfect trip you can make in just one day. It is a 300 kilometre stretch including Gullfoss Waterfall, Thingvellir National Park and geothermal area of Haukadalur including Geysir and Strokkur geysers. The three sites – waterfall, rift valley and geysers will make you marvel at nature’s creation. The eruptions at the Great Geyser could be seen going up to 70 meters once upon a time. Now they have gone much calmer but will still leave you awestruck.




The Gullfoss Waterfall was one of my favourites. The short trek we made to get a closer look at this beauty was all the more exciting with the water showers along with the strong wind. The view up there is heavenly. Don’t miss out on the multiple rainbows in the background when you click a selfie.

Iceland_1Iceland, A Divine Land in the Midst of Fire and Ice


Another of my favourite was the Blue Lagoon. This geothermal spa is known to be therapeutically beneficial for some skin diseases. It’s definitely your place if you want to just laze around enjoying the breathtaking panoramic mountain view.

The itinerary doesn’t end here. Iceland has much more to offer, which is a marvel in its own right given its small size. The famous Jokulsaron glacier (guided tour), Kirkjufell (Icelandic church mountain), Snaefellsjokull National park, Black sand beach are a few places you must add to your list. You might even get lucky to witness the Northern lights if you visit in winters.

Iceland_2Iceland, A Divine Land in the Midst of Fire and Ice

This small island will never fail to mesmerize you with its natural beauty, including the narrow curvy roads with large meadows on both sides en route different locations, Icelandic horses, geysers, glaciers and natural springs.

If you are a Game of Thrones fan and love its beautiful outdoor locations, you would know what I mean!!

In my opinion, Iceland stands out from the rest of Europe characterised by its old architectural towns, rather it offers natural, unexplored wonders to cherish. This divine island should definitely on the bucket list of anyone with a penchant for travelling.


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