If you are regular at Cyber Hub, Gurgaon, you are sure to have noticed a charming little cafe on the first floor of the premises that beckons even in midst of all the humdrum. I was surely left enamoured by the place at the first glance, and so, we decided to explore this quirky little Bistro on Christmas Eve.

The Decor

Olive-Bistro_decor1Olive Bistro – Great Food in A Fairy Tale Setting

The most striking part about this place is hands-down its decor. The place has a nice laid back vibe to it, and the addition of chinaware chandeliers, white and brown theme and heavy use of wood in interiors make it look like a piece straight out of a fairy tale.

Olive-Bistro_decorOlive Bistro – Great Food in A Fairy Tale Setting

The eclectic mix of tiles and perfect yellow lighting add to the overall appeal, lending the ambience a warm and fuzzy vibe. Since it was Christmas Eve, the place was all dolled up and you could easily mistake it for a cafe somewhere in the alleys of Europe instead of one in the heart of Gurgaon’s chaos.

Olive-Bistro_decor2Olive Bistro – Great Food in A Fairy Tale Setting
So yeah, the Olive Bistro is definitely designed to set you free from all your worldly worries and focus on letting good times roll.

The Food

Since we were a large party in moods for celebration, we totally took a no-holds-barred approach in placing our order and ended up with A LOT of food on our table. Even though we had occupied the largest table almost running across the breadth of the restaurant, we nearly ran out of space to make our dishes fit in.

Olive-Bistro_saladOlive Bistro – Great Food in A Fairy Tale SettingThe Hail Caesar Salad comprising iceberg and romaine lettuce, tomatoes, marinated olives, and grilled veggies with a generous drizzle of parmesan cheese, dressing and olive oil was so well put together that I could not stop digging into it while I waited for my order to arrive. The perfect blend of textures with lots and lots of crunch, it is by far one of the best renditions of Caesar Salad I have tasted.

Olive-Bistro_pastaOlive Bistro – Great Food in A Fairy Tale SettingNext, we had Margherita Thatcher pizza build on a nice thin crust with a topping of roma tomatoes, basil, cheese and olive oil. Well, if you enjoy the simple classics, like some people in our dinner party did, you’ll surely enjoy it. While I didn’t have a wow moment tasting it, it had all the elements of a good pizza.

Olive-Bistro_-Espe-TadaOlive Bistro – Great Food in A Fairy Tale SettingThe highlights of our order were Espe-Tada, Chick in a Ham Coat, and Mary Had a Little Lamb Burger. The Espe-Tada is basically chunks of marinated meat (of your choice) served on skewers hanging upside down, so the dish definitely had some theatre to it. There is a side of greens, tangy potatoes, bowl of chickpeas and feta cheese rice pilaf with this dish, so you certainly need some good appetite to polish it all off. The chunks of meat were done just right and were truly succulent, which was a delight because more often than not you risk getting chewy meat on your table with such orders even at the finest of fine dining places. The layer of bacon in Chick in a Ham Coat was glorious and crisp. The kind that makes your taste buds dance with joy. The chicken was all right too, but the surprise element here was the mashed potatoes that made their presence felt even though they were competing against chicken and bacon.

Olive-Bistro_mary-had-a-little-lambOlive Bistro – Great Food in A Fairy Tale SettingThe Mary Had a Little Lamb Burger comprised two small slider with a side of house salad, coleslaw, spiced mayonnaise and a mix of fires and potato wedges. I loved the fact that there were two sliders instead of one giant burger, because as a person with tiny appetite and giant love of burgers, I always find myself torn between wanting to enjoy a good burger and fearing not being able to finish it off. The portion was just right, the mince lamb patty nice and juicy and fries golden and crisp. The spicy mayonnaise definitely uplifted the flavours of the dish manifold. This could well become my go-to dish at Olive Bistro, that’s how much I loved it.

The Flip Side

The service could have been a lot more prompt and quicker. Even though the waiters were all very polite, parts of orders took a long time to arrive and some were completely forgotten, despite reminders. May be the team was a little overwhelmed catering to a packed house, since it was Christmas Eve and all. Gotta give them the benefit of the doubt until I do an encore.
The one thing I cannot get over is how ridiculously overpriced their alcohol is. They serve 30 ml of Old Monk for Rs 250, for crying out loud. I died a little inside seeing that price point on their drinks menu. YOU CANNOT SELL OLD MONK FOR RS 250 A DRINK. I find that offensive.


I’d have given them a good 4.5 stars out of 5, but I’m going to cut down an entire point for their price of Old Monk. Other than that, there is not a thing about this picturesque Bistro that I’d want to change. It’s the kind of place you want to keep going back to for just the feels it bring. The fact that they top it up with some delish delights is added bonus.


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