The thing about TV shows that we come to love is that they become a part of us or we become a part of the lives and stories of our beloved characters existing in a parallel universe. If you’ve ever dreamt of escaping into this parallel reality, maybe have coffee at Central Perk or dine at The Westeros, you are just an outing away from making that dream come true. Here are some interesting restaurants inspired by Game of Thrones and other popular TV shows that’ll make the fan in you scream with joy:

Game of Thrones

A fantasy drama that now borders on to a religion unto itself, Game of Thrones has succeeded in translating the onscreen passion underlying its theme in the way fans feel about the show and its characters. Everyone knows what it means when ‘Winter is Coming’, irrespective of whether they follow the show or not.

The Westeros

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Image Source: The Sunday Guardian

Giving all the die-hard fans a feel of what it feels like to be in Westeros is The Westeros restaurant in Delhi’s Lajpat Nagar – that boasts of being the first of the restaurants inspired by Game of Thrones in India – complete with a stunning decor that transports you right to the world of GoT and a life-sized iron throne. If you’ve always wished to own that throne even if just for a second, here is your chance.

Cafe Westeros

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Following Delhi’s lead, Jaipur too got its own restaurant inspired by Game of Thrones called Cafe Westeros, with all your favourite characters from the show splashed on the walls and a specially curated GoT menu on offer.

Winterfell Cafe

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Image Source: The Outlook

Juxtaposing the gore and violence of the show with the tranquil serenity of Kashmir, two sworn fan set up the Winterfell Cafe right at the banks of Dal Lake in Srinagar. With flags and symbols from all seven different houses adorning the walls, dim yellow lighting and wooden interiors, this restaurant inspired by Game of Thrones has captured the vibe of the show to the T. It is also one of the few theme-based cafes in Kashmir, so you may want to check it out for an offbeat experience during your Kashmir explorations.


Could there be another show to top this list? There are TV shows and then there is Friends, a sitcom that continues to enjoy a cult following even 14 years after it went off the air. India has its fair share of Friends fanatics – we quote Ross, Chandler, Monica, Rachel, Joey and Phoebe, our jokes have Friends references so often, we still watch all the re-runs we can catch, and we miss them sorely. In a befitting tribute to the most loved sitcom in the history of television, there are now five Friends themed restaurants in different parts of the country.

Central Perk Cafe in Chandigarh

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Apart from recreating the Central Perk setting, the cafe transports you right back to the days when the six crazy, quirky friends were a regular feature in our lives with some of the most popular dialogues splashed all over the interiors. I know!!!

F.R.I.E.N.D.S Cafe in Kolkata

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This cafe isn’t a perfect replica of Central Perk (though it has elements of it) but an ode to our favourite sitcom of all times. So you have the purple door from Monica’s apartment, the Pat statue, the quirky photograph in Joey and Chandler’s living room and more. Even the dishes on the menu have been named after popular dishes from the show.

Central Perk 7 in Pune

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With so many pictures of some of the most memorable moments from the show adorning the walls, the Central Perk 7 in Baner, Pune, can bring on a major meltdown.

F.R.I.E.N.D.Z in Delhi

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Yep, the F.R.I.E.N.D.Z cafe in Delhi gets the decor and interiors just right, creating the perfect place to reminiscence our favourite Friends moments, but the clear highlight is that coveted orange couch, just like the one at Central Perk. Even the food is named after the characters, so you have the likes of Chandler Noodles and Phoebe Soup on the menu.

Cafe Friends in Gurgaon

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Cafe Friends has kept it fairly simple. Instead of going to town with Friends themed decor, they have simply put up a ‘Central Perk’ board on their wall. Even that does the job of bringing on the nostalgia just as well.

Harry Potter – Café Platform Nine and Three Quarters

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Image Source: Indiatimes

Okay, Harry Potter isn’t a TV show but given the almost daily screening of Potter movies run on different movie channels, it might as well be. Given the cult following this make-belief world of magic enjoys, skipping a Harry Potter themed restaurant would have been sacrilege. And so, for all you sworn fans we bring the Café Platform Nine and Three Quarters in Vivek Vihar, New Delhi – the perfect setting to escape into the magic world of Hogwarts with a menu and decor that is sure to cast a spell on you. Dotted with portraits, posters and popular quotes from the series, this cafe has all the right elements for an Instagram worthy date with Harry Potter.

The Minions Cafe

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They are cute, they are colourful, they bring out the child in us. I really don’t know of a person who doesn’t love these adorable characters. Creating a happy escape, The Minions Cafe in Laxmi Nagar, New Delhi, is the perfect destination to enjoy all things Minions with your gang of friends. The place has a comfortable, laid back vibe that’ll put you at ease as you walk through the doors. There is enough to hold the attention of adults and kids alike. If you have kids, they’ll surely love the vibrant decor with Minions galore. For adults, PlayStation corner where you can indulge in some gaming contests with your gang as you wait for your order to arrive is a huge drawcard.


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