Seven years of matrimony is a milestone that deserves to be celebrated. A luxurious celebration is what we had in mind. Ditching the usual dinner and drinks with friends or a shop-till-you-drop followed by a fancy dinner rituals, we settled for a staycation. It seemed the perfect anti-dote to the monotony of routines that marriages often get trapped in. Having spent more than half our anniversaries apart, being caught in the whirlwind of parenting and demands of our respective professions, we had more than earned the splurge.
Thus began our hunt for the perfect overnight getaway. Our first choice was the Taj Gateway Resort at Damdama Lake on the outskirts of Gurgaon. Much to our dismay, the property was sold out, as it also happened to be a weekend. As were several other near-by resorts that we made enquires at. Boy, Delhi really likes to live it up on the weekend! We now had to choose between travelling 200 km for a day’s stay and choosing a hotel within city limits. Obviously, we settled for the latter. Those of you who are familiar with the excruciating ways of Delhi’s traffic would understand why it was the obvious choice.

taj-diplomatic-enclave_2Staycation at Taj Diplomatic Enclave

On the appointed day, we arrived at the Taj Diplomatic Enclave on SP Marg, a short drive from our residence. Reservations were done in advance. The opulence of the place is hard to miss as you drive in through those imposing gates. The glass doors, marbled interiors with a generous amount of floor carpeting and wood empanelling on the walls, brass chandeliers and crystal vases, mostly holding glorious lilies, held the reassurance that we had made the right choice.

taj-diplomatic-enclave_1Staycation at Taj Diplomatic Enclave

The front desk executive handling our check-in upgraded our room on account of it being our anniversary celebration and all, and we were whisked to a Superior Pool View room on the fourth floor. The room, of course, was immaculate by every measure, but what instantly caught our attention was the bathtub lined alongside the glass partition dividing the room and the bath. Relaxation is what we had on our mind, and relaxation is what we were going to get here.

taj-diplomatic-enclave_3Staycation at Taj Diplomatic Enclave

The pool-view room gave us a different perspective of Delhi too. That this city of mad rush could look pretty too, as long as you were protected from the elements and pollution. We spent a good hour trying to figure out different fixtures and facilities, and calling the help desk repeatedly for, well, help. To begin with, we couldn’t get the bath going. No matter which way we turned the faucets, the water just would flow. Then pairing the speakers with the phone was a challenge. And so on. Seriously, they should just print out instructions to make their guests’ and their lives simpler.

taj-diplomatic-enclave_4Staycation at Taj Diplomatic Enclave

Once the logistics were taken care, it was time to soak in a warm, relaxing bath. After spending good two hours in water, we decided to head out for coffee. And upon on our return almost an hour later, were greeted to our room done up with rose petals, balloons and what not. A nice warm bubble bath with rose petals and candles awaited in the bathroom. Oh, these silly moments of pampering!

taj-diplomatic-enclave_7Staycation at Taj Diplomatic Enclave

Now that someone had put in so much effort into it, how could we not have plunged in. So with our drinks in hand, we slipped into the cosy layer of soap bubbles that was calling out to us. A perfect prelude to the anniversary dinner we were looking forward to (that calls for a separate post, so keep watching this space).

taj-diplomatic-enclave_6Staycation at Taj Diplomatic Enclave

The morning after began with that mandatory dose of coffee. And the cookies that came with it, especially the chocolate chip ones, were to die for. I normally prefer savouring my coffee without any accompaniments but here I could not resist and gorged sans guilt. This was followed by breakfast.

taj-diplomatic-enclave_5Staycation at Taj Diplomatic Enclave

Even though we hadn’t worked up an appetite at all, we decided to order room service. Because breakfast in bed must be had to let that sense of pampering seep in. In fact, even before I had decided what I wanted for dinner, I knew what I wanted for breakfast the next morning. That’s saying something, considering I’m not even a breakfast person on regular days. Sticking to the plan, I ordered the three-egg omelette with mushrooms, tomatoes, onions in it. The highlight of the order was the crisp hash browns that just perfectly complimented the soft omelette, adding some crunch and texture to the dish.
With that it was a wrap on our stay. The rest of it was about springing back to reality as we prepared to check out, breaking away from the heady mix of luxury, pampering and unadulterated leisure that the past 24 hours were all about.



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