A trip to Tawang is like an escape into paradise. As you cross the Sela Pass and enter the Tawang district, you feel you as if you have been transported to fairy land. The eastern Himalayas with their hypnotic beauty and charm, the innumerable mountain ranges with clouds floating atop, different hues of vegetation all around make this hill region a delight to behold. Our trip to Tawang began at the Sela Pass at 13,700 ft above sea above sea level, with icy cold winds blowing throughout the year. The Sela Lake here was the first breathtaking sight we were greeted by. The lake remains frozen for nearly four to five months a year and feeds the Nurangang River. Some of the highlights from our trip to Tawang include: Jaswant Garh The road follows the Nurangang River to Jaswant Garh, where there is a War Memorial named after the Subedar…