Capital Kitchen


Capital Kitchen at Taj Diplomatic Enclave is an amazing place if there an important event. It is the little out of ordinary things that make special occasion truly special. So, when we headed to the Taj Diplomatic Enclave for a staycation to celebrate seven-year mark in our journey as man and wife, a dinner date had to be part of the otherwise non-existent itinerary. Our options were – fine dining restaurant Orient Express, Chinese restaurant Spicy Duck, North Indian restaurant Masala Art and the contemporary Capital Kitchen. The fine dining restaurant was eliminated for obvious reasons (ahem, too expensive!). I’m a sworn fan of Chinese cuisine and seafood, the man not so much, with a special aversion to seafood. The order of preferences is reversed when it comes to North Indian cuisine, while the man loves his butter chicken and paranthas, the sameness of the food we have grown up eating just…