Is there anything a sumptuous helping of cheesecake can’t fix? I don’t think so. A long day at work, a nasty lovers’ spate, a tiring day out or just catching up with an old friend – a cheesecake blends with every occasion and mood. The New York style is a persistent personal favorite. A thick layer of sour-sweet creamy cheese sandwiched between dense fruit sauce and a crumbly, biscuity bottom – what’s not to like about one of the most succulent indulgences known to mankind. If there is a thing like a taste bud orgasm, it is this, it is this, it is this. Are you going to tell me that there is a something called ‘not a cheesecake person’ and they survive just about alright? Don’t bother. I live with one, and the difference reflects in the way we approach our desserts on a night of dinning out. Of…