Chilly Pork


For travel enthusiasts who love food, the gastronomic indulgence is just as much a highlight of a trip as exploring a destination. When the destination is Goa – the land of pork, beef, seafood and an exotic cuisine with rich cultural influences of its eclectic heritage – the food becomes an experience unto itself. From certain local varieties of pork sausages that were too strongly fermented for my taste to delish delights like the Bebinca, Recheado and Chicken Xacuti, the place turned out to be a goldmine of delicacies to gorge on. Though even the most humble beachside shacks in Goa are capable of whipping up a mean meal, you have to look in the right places to find lip-smacking local flavours that will stay with you long after your departure. Here is my pick of four hidden gems to sample such scrumptious food in Goa: Avozin Goan Cuisine After…