comfortable travel


Winter is here, and as the mercury takes a dip, it’s time to start looking for travel jackets to keep you snug and comfortable during your explorations. The best travel jackets not only deliver on warmth but are also ergonomically designed to with oodles of storage space to take care of the essentials you need to keep handy – keys, phone, cash and cards, tickets, passport (if travelling abroad), water bottle, maybe a light snack, to name a few. This way you won’t have to stash all your belongings in a large handbag and struggle with frenzied rummaging at the worst possible times. Besides, it takes the trouble of handling a handbag while managing the rest of your luggage right out of the equation. Here are our top picks of travel jackets that belong in the wardrobe of everyone bitten by the wanderlust bug: Global Travel Jackets The travel jackets…