Think Cheesecake, and you automatically think of the creamy, textural New York version of this rich dessert. Because let’s accept it, there’s New York Cheesecake and then there are the rest. In the New York version of the dessert too, there are two variants – NY creamy cheesecake and NY baked. My preferences tilt slightly in favour of the latter. But that’s not to say I don’t gorge on the creamy variety every opportunity I get. Every mouthful of this layered dessert gets me wondering – ‘how does this taste so bloody good?’ So, I decided to delve deeper into the origin and process that lends this iconic dessert quite an unmatchable mix of flavours. Here’s what I learnt: Origin They say that the first-ever cheesecake (which was quite nothing like the ones we are used to eating today) was created on island of Samos in Greece back in…