Jammu and Kashmir


It has been two months since I moved to Patnitop area in Jammu and Kashmir. It’s a mountainous forested area. Apart from the fruit-bearing trees, the region abounds in evergreen pine and deodar trees. The rustling of breeze through the dense woods has an enigmatic and enticing pull that nudges you to step out of your comfort zone and leap into the beautiful sites and trekking tracks all around. I am restless and uneasy if I have to sit idle in such a serene and heavenly place. So, we planned a trek from Batote to Sannasar (both in close proximity to Patnitop). Due to some administrative loose ends, the trek could not materialise. Not to be deterred by failure, we decided to trek from Patnitop to Sudh Mahadev instead. We drove from Batote to Patnitop early in the morning and parked our vehicle near Naag Temple at Patnitop. After making…