kashmiri pulao


Warm hospitality lies at the heart of Kashmiriyat. However, the palpable sense of an uneasy calm inhibits most travellers from experiencing this fabled hospitality from close quarters. So, on a recent trip to Kashmir, I set out to experience the richness of this land through its food because the cuisine of a place holds the mirror its soul. My quest led me to Ahdoos, one of the finest and most popular restaurants in Srinagar to sample the best of Kashmiri dishes. Set in an old, restored building, Ahdoos on Residency Road near Regal Chowk is situated just off the main road, cloaked by an array of road-side shops. Despite the slightly obscured location, the giant sign postings, along with a little help from Google, make finding this landmark on Srinagar’s cityscape a cinch. During my lunch visit to Ahdoos, the place was undergoing renovation in parts, so there wasn’t much…