mac and cheese


When the mornings are nippy and getting out of the bed a struggle…when the skies wear a gloomy grey hue…when the sun sets a little early every day, leaving you with longer evenings to be spent indoors, the blues are bound to set in. Every sworn food lover will agree that there is no better way shake off the feeling of inexplicable lows than with some mouth-watering, soul-satisfying food. Thankfully, our winter cuisines abound in foods that can make us all warm and fuzzy inside, instantly lifting up our moods. Here are 9 comfort foods for winter you must dig in to beat the blues: Thukpa Come winter, and the sniffles become a regular feature in your life. Thukpa, the Himalayan Noodle Soup, is all you need to feel better almost instantly. This Tibetan broth with noodles, veggies and chunks of shredded chicken with a hint of pepper and chilli…