New Year travel goals


New Year, new you, new beginnings…it is that time again when you heave a sigh of relief at having survived yet another brutally taxing year and look forward to making a fresh start. To help you balance out the challenges and stresses that 2019 will usher in, some of the biggest names in the industry are rolling out travel list of hottest travel destinations for 2019. We know you work hard for a lot of things in life but zeroing in on a holiday destination shouldn’t be one of them. So we did the sifting for you by picking out the best of the hottest travel destinations for 2019 put out by the likes of Lonely Planet, Airbnb, British Airways, Ranker and even Amex. Here is our rundown of the seven hottest travel destinations for 2019 that you must add to your bucket list: Normandy, France You are already familiar…