Pedestrian Bridge


Pedestrian bridges aren’t something one would associate the concepts of beauty and architectural marvels with. More often than not you simply cross over to the other side without so much as bothering to spare a second glance at the shape and design of the structure. A recently opened pedestrian bridge in Vietnam – yes, the one with a golden bridge structure suspended by two giant outstretched palms – changed that perception as it nearly sent the internet into a meltdown, leaving people from all over the world gaping at this gargantuan yet intricate structure. This 500-foot bridge at the Bà Nà Hills resort on the outskirts of the city of Da Nang gives visitors a perched view of the sweeping mountains at an altitude of about 4,600 feet. The beauty of the structure is enhanced by vibrant purple Lobelia Chrysanthemum flowers dotting its perimeter. This stunner from Vietnam certainly isn’t…