There are two kinds of people who venture out of their homes to explore new places – tourists and travellers. If you are the latter, trekking to and camping at Chandratal ought to be the highlight of your Spiti explorations. Here is everything you need to know about camping at Chandratal to pull it off like a pro: What is Chandratal? Situated at an altitude of 14,100 feet in Spiti, Himachal Pradesh, Chandratal is a 2.5 kilometre wide fresh water lake that gets its name from its crescent-moon like shape. Surrounded by snow capped towering Himalayas in the distance, brown mountains with a slight hint of vegetation all around, this is a destination that’s all about breathtaking views and an all-pervading sense of calm. A Lake Where Fairies Descend Himachal, that has earned itself the title of Dev Bhoomi or Land of Gods, abounds in mystical local legends and mythological…