Coffee or beer? There is never a simple answer to this complex question life throws our way every now and again. Turns out, the Arbor Brewing Company (ABC) in Bengaluru, which boasts of being the first American-style brew pub in India, has understood the predicament of all ardent caffienators who also happen to love their ales and combined these two heavenly drinks to deliver one awesome punch of coffee-flavoured beer. Yes, it’s true!

Oh, For the Love of Espresso!

coffee beer
Image Source: Arbor Brewing Co Bangalore

The ABC microbrewery in Bengaluru serves Coffee flavoured Beer what can be best described has pure bliss flowing out of a keg. Its Mocha Brownie Beer is brewed with cocoa powder, roasted coffee, chocolate, and comes with an unmissable hint of raisins and toffee.
The variant served in the Bengaluru microbrewery seems to have been inspired by Arbor Brewing Company’s original coffee-flavoured ale, Espresso Love, marketed in the US. The variant was developed in partnership with Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters, from where ABC sourced single estate specialty coffee to be infused in its special brew. The beer was crafted by mixing oatmeal with 20 pounds of freshly roasted coffee beans sourced from Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters. The combination lends a mildly chalky espresso character to this special ale, which balanced with a rich, creamy maltiness. The beer has very palpable overtone of that slight roasted bitterness associated with coffee.

Beyond the Coffee Brew

coffee beer 1
Image Source: Arbor Brewing Co Bangalore

The Arbor Brewing Company partnered with a native Bangalorian based in Michigan, Gaurav Sikka, to open this American-style brewpub in India. The ABC microbrewery in Bengaluru is all about handcrafted beers and fusion food. Other than the Mocha Brownie Beer, their signature offerings like 3 Spiced Mules, Chocolate Stout Old Fashioned, and Belgian Brew Beer are worth sampling. A side of Prawn Skewers, Phat Abbot, Flaming Chicken, and The Arbor-ger make perfect accompaniments for these exotic beers.
Oh and, you can also shop for special beer soaps made in signature brews here. A beery good place to be, I’d say.


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