Is there anything a sumptuous helping of cheesecake can’t fix? I don’t think so. A long day at work, a nasty lovers’ spate, a tiring day out or just catching up with an old friend – a cheesecake blends with every occasion and mood. The New York style is a persistent personal favorite. A thick layer of sour-sweet creamy cheese sandwiched between dense fruit sauce and a crumbly, biscuity bottom – what’s not to like about one of the most succulent indulgences known to mankind.
If there is a thing like a taste bud orgasm, it is this, it is this, it is this. Are you going to tell me that there is a something called ‘not a cheesecake person’ and they survive just about alright? Don’t bother. I live with one, and the difference reflects in the way we approach our desserts on a night of dinning out.
Of the many cheesecake slices I have devoured – some mind-blowingly delicious, others poor seekers of their true potential – here is my pick of top three:

The Sakley’s, Nainital


To be in Nainital, and not visit the Sakley’s Restaurant and Pastry Shop is criminal. To be at Sakley’s and not order their blueberry cheesecake is sacrilege. I returned to the place, almost on a loop, during our three-day trip to this serene hill town because my taste buds just wouldn’t stop reminding me of the rich, creamy indulgence waiting around the corner. The denseness of the cream setting is so well-balanced by the lightness of the bottom crust that the whole thing sort of melts in the mouth. All you need to do is close your eyes and savor the experience. It is, hands down, the best cheesecake I have had the chance to relish.

Pune Baking Company (JW Marriott), Pune

cheesecake_Pune Baking Co (1)

Now, I have still to explore the much-loved PBC in person, but I have had the chance to binge on one of their New York style cheesecakes, and may I say it has the potential to transport you to the heavens. It is rich and light, dense and smooth, creamy and consistent, all at once. Laden with oodles of flavors, this is a must-have for anyone with a remote inclination for this God-sent dessert (because the cheesecake traces its roots to Greece, and aren’t all things Greek God sent? Or is it only their men?).

Nik Baker’s, Chandigarh

cheesecake_Nik Bakers

How can my favorite city not find a mention in any list of favorites that I come up with! The Nik Baker’s remains my most visited food joint in the city just for its luscious cheesecake. Here too, the blueberry flavor is a hot favorite. I once tried their strawberry and mango variants, because they had run out of blueberry, and they were not half as good. I discovered Nik’s blueberry cheesecake after a late night movie once, and it became a regular feature on my list of go-to foods. Even today, when I visit the city, I can’t leave without a slice of my favorite dessert.


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