Hills are too cold, the beaches are too warm, and the plains are too bland. Domestic travel is too mundane and international too expensive. Road journeys are so exhausting and flight sickness is so uncomfortable. Five Star stay is too exorbitant and anything lesser is too pedestrian! Ever met a type of traveller who is always in the grip of a tantrum? The spoilsport in the group, the worst nightmare of the fellow travellers, the finicky one ready to throw a hissy fit at the drop of a hat … When you come across this type of traveller with their long-winding list of dilemmas, complaints and reservations, you can’t help but wonder – why do they travel at all? With such an infinite list of terms and conditions, how do they plan and execute trips? We bring you all the answers and then some. So here goes – confessions of a tantrum traveller.

Type of Traveller: Tantrum Thrower

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The tantrum thrower is a rather rare type of traveller with unique characteristics that can be a travel companion’s nightmare and the reason many executives in the business decide to call it a day. These people are driven by their pursuit of perfection and the means to reach the end is what brings out the worst in them. Every tiny detail needs to be re-checked to suit their trivial comforts and one little trouble can wreck the entire holiday.

You could call them finicky, fussy, spoilsport but what truly defines them is their urge to travel and what sets them apart from any other type of traveller is their tantrums. The reasons could be many. For some, it could merely be an OCD and the fear of booking a hotel with filthy washrooms, for others it could be the social media performance pressure, but there are a few whose travel tantrums are an outcome of incurable travel anxiety.

Anxiety does get the worst of you and that’s what happens to them. The tiniest of concerns about sudden unfavourable situations escalate into travel anxiety, forcing them to re-check details that accommodate their tiny troubles. So next time you meet a tantrum traveller, remember it could just be an anxious soul looking for a break from the exhausting routine.

Why does this Type of Traveller Venture Out At All?

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One could read, write, paint, run, play, pet, eat and do a million things to amuse oneself. Then why do this unique type of traveller venture out at all? When the thought of a road journey through hills makes them nauseated and the sight of a flight at a distance makes them sick, why do they travel?

Mind you, A ‘tantrum traveller’ is a traveller first and a tantrum thrower later. The urge to be at a destination away from home is the driving force behind this whole situation. The azure blue waters of the beach destinations, the bright sunshine at the hilltops, the beautiful landscapes fill their heart and soul with happiness beyond measure. Travel is like a balm to their bruised soul.

They know it’s not easy but they do it because they know the experience would be worth the hassle they put themselves and everyone around them through. All the flight fear would melt down into a soulful sunset by the beach, and that is what keeps them going.

How Do They Plan A Trip?

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The biggest challenge for this type of traveller is to put together the ‘perfect plan’. With the days where parents’ LTC decided the travel destination behind them, the decision to choose a perfect travel destination has to be made with a number of considerations in mind. One might think of travel websites as a perfect tool to put together a perfect itinerary but not this type of traveller because they have major trust issues that make them take every recommendation, package and offer with a bag of salt.

So how do they zero in on the destination? They research. Everything that the travel website offers is crosschecked by more reliable sources on the internet. The rest of the trip from flights to hotels to other details is planned with tinniest details matching their demands. While getting up too early can upset their system, staying up till late would spoil the next day; so a thousand flight schedules are hunted to find the perfect schedule that would suit their body clock. Unlike celebrities they have no gold mines to pay for luxury vacations, so all this needs to be done on a budget too.

This requires the art of online bargaining. Planning the trip in pieces and comparing to the consolidated quote of the travel website is just one way of fitting your dream holiday in your budget. Once the tickets are booked, the reservations made and days marked on the calendar, then comes the packing bit.

While their travel companion would be lucky to get some hair of space in the suitcase, the tantrum traveller would need the greater chunk to fit in all the ‘what if’ stuff. The list of ‘what if’ stuff could even end up snatching place in the fellow traveller’s separate suitcases. Multiple Xerox copies of tickets and documents, international roaming and travel calling cards, a first aid medicine box that could work as a pharmacy store are only some of the things they carry much to the annoyance of others.

The Real Deal

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While the plan is perfect, the intentions are best, does this type of traveller get what they ordered? Do the perfect schedules on paper turn into an ideal holiday in real? The truth is, not always! Each holiday comes with its own set of situations that can neither be planned for and nor should they be.

In the unforeseen lies the real charm of breaking away from a routine. From someone who has had everything from missed flights and free stays organized by airlines to missing baggage and faulty bookings, spontaneous check-in and check-outs, the lesson is loud and clear – the beauty of travel lies in spontaneity. While minimal preparation is a must to have a decent vacation, overdoing would ruin the charm of the experience.

When does the learning dawn on the tantrum traveller? When they sit by the beach and feel their soul fill with the joy of watching a beautiful sunset which wasn’t part of the plan or maybe when they miss a flight and end up exploring a country which wasn’t on their list. And how long does the writing on the wall stay bright and clear? Well, only till they start planning the next trip!

Conquests of this Tantrum Traveller:

With all the tantrum I’ve managed to explore Maldives, Dubai,  Kashmir, Himachal, Punjab, Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Bombay, Goa, Kochi, Shillong, Andaman and Nicobar Islands.


An Assistant Professor by profession, Bhavneet Bhatti, has been teaching at the School of Communication Studies, Panjab University for past seven years. A PhD in ‘Feature Writing’ , she sees her work and pleasure revolve around expressing the niceties of life in words, ideas and art. From loving food to being overcritical of the ingredients and from dying to travel to being a tantrum traveller- ‘perfect’ food, ‘luxury’ travel and photographing it all, quite sum up her quality time. While her work revolves around research and teaching; her love of words keeps getting her back to writing about all things that brighten up life!

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