Travel is an enriching exercise, not just because it widens your horizons with exposure to different places, cultures and foods but also for the insights on human behaviour and people’s personalities you gain in the process. Irrespective of whether you are travelling solo, as a couple or with a gang, a brush with fellow travellers – be it on the flight, at prominent tourist attractions or in restaurants – is inevitable. If you have travelled long and far enough, you’d be able to tell their type from their mannerism. If you are a newbie, you’ll surely notice what we are talking about here on your next escapade. Here is our rundown on types of travellers you are bound to encounter on any trip:

The Selfie Stricken

type-of-travellers_selfie-stricken7 Type of Travellers You Are Bound to Encounter On a Trip
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At the airport selfie, on the flight selfie, food selfie, partying away the night selfie, ready to go selfie, tired after a long day selfie, famous landmarks in the backdrop selfies. The selfie stricken type of travellers go at a rate of a million clicks per minute, or at least so it seems. They are happy to trade loading up on experiences for loading up their phone galleries. Why travel at all? Just snap yourself against different wallpapers or create vacations on photoshop. The results won’t be very different and you’ll save a lot of money.

The Snap Crazy

type-of-travellers_photo-enthusiasts7 Type of Travellers You Are Bound to Encounter On a Trip
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This type of travellers is a close variation of the selfie stricken, but they deserve a separate mention for their sheer commitment to the cause of capturing every moment on their cameras, even if means missing out on living it up in real life. From the aeroplane wing to food photos, captures of local sights and popular destination, they have got it all covered and waiting to flood the social media with their latest sojourns.

The Whiners

type-of-travellers_whiners7 Type of Travellers You Are Bound to Encounter On a Trip
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The air-conditioning is too cold, the sun is too hot, the food is cold, undercooked, overdone, tasteless or too strongly flavoured for their liking, the hotel room is too small, too stuffy, not clean enough, the tourist spots too crowded or too deserted, the locals are too rude or overtly friendly, they are either being fleeced by the local shopkeepers or the stuff they bought is too substandard. Well, you get the drift, this type of travellers just cannot bring themselves to appreciate and make it a mission to ruin their holiday – and that of the people around them – with their constant bickering and complaining.

The FOMO Affected

type-of-travellers_FOMO7 Type of Travellers You Are Bound to Encounter On a Trip
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Inflicted by a major fear of missing out, this type of travellers bases their trips and holidays on a checklist. They just have to see all the hot and happening spots in a destination they are visiting, even if it means constantly rushing from point a to point b, without actually slowing down and savouring the moments of mind-free rejuvenation, which is the whole point of a break anyway.

The Stick-to-the-Routine Tribe

type-of-travellers_routine7 Type of Travellers You Are Bound to Encounter On a Trip
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There is an entire tribe of travellers who just can’t seem to break away from their routine even on vacation. This type of travellers sticks to their workout and healthy eating pattern on a break too. They’ve got to wake up at the crack of dawn, get their daily dose of workout and then go looking for kale salads and smoothies. These people are the reason why hotels have gyms in the first place, I reckon. While there is nothing wrong with wanting to keep up with a healthy lifestyle, why do it on a vacation. Isn’t it all about giving your routine a rest?

The Spiritual Seekers

type-of-travellers_spiritual7 Type of Travellers You Are Bound to Encounter On a Trip
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No matter what their destination, this type of travellers just can’t give their spiritual pursuits a rest. These are kind of people who go looking for temples, churches and meditation retreats on exotic beach locales. While that’s all very well – to each their own after all – what’s not cool is their constant endeavour to shove their spirituality down others’ throats. No, we don’t want to hear about your other-worldly experiences over drinks or dinner. Let us enjoy our beers and steaks in peace.

The Stingy

type-of-travellers_stingy7 Type of Travellers You Are Bound to Encounter On a Trip
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Travel is going to cost you money and that’s something you’ve got to make your peace with. However, some people just can’t seem to. This type of travellers always has their calculators out. God forbid, if they are out at a foreign destination, a better part of their holiday is spent on conversion and calculations. More often than not, you’ll find them giving anything and everything that’d upset their budget a miss. And you’ll find them constantly complaining about how everything is so expensive and over-priced and how the native is out to fleece you.


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